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Inspired! Hipster Hair

My hair at this moment goes an inch past my shoulder. It’s straight, cropped, unstylish. Now, just imagine my surprise when I was surfing the web for more posts for Hipster Weekend, I was suddenly inspired by hipster…hair.

Let’s do a little comparison now.

Me with my straight, unstylish hair:

Hipster Hair

Spiked bangs on Rihanna and Hayleyy (lead singer of Paramore):

The sharpness of Rihanna and Hayley’s bangs are a feature often seen in “hipsters”. For those of you who have soft sideswept bangs, or thin girly bangs, this is perhaps a feature to consider if you’re looking for a change that leans toward the “hip” side.

Don’t Mess With My Hair (It’s already messy enough)-Taylor Momsen and Ke$ha

This probably isn’t the best everyday look for fashionistas, but hey! I’m forcing myself to blog about hipster hair and so I’m going to blog about every aspect of it. For those of us with short hair and loads of time to mess with our blowdryer and curler, we could definitely pull off Taylor Momsen’s look on a day when we’re feeling just a bit adventurous. Something about her hair screams “hipster!” to me because of how it stands out, how “casual” it is, and how much confidence she has behind such a do.

Our rising star Ke$sha, on the other hand, has a similar effect with longer hair. She makes it look so “natural”. It’s almost a “I just rolled out of bed” look. Remember. Looking cool without trying to look cool is a key component of pulling off the hipster look. And that’s what Ke$ha does with her hair. She walks around with her messy waves looking hot and..yes..very hip. Messy hair is thus another spotted look in the hipster world.

Now…how can you look hip without a trip to the salon?

1. Easy: Accessorize

Ciara has absolutely gorgeous..girly waves in this photo. But how does she make herself look so hip? Ignore the outfit and just look at the hat. Even if the hat were there and she was wearing a vintage dress…that still totally makes her hair look completely different. And hats are everywhere these days. Zumiez, Hot Topic, Pac Sun, just go and get one!

2. Easy: Messy Pigtails

Rather than pulling your hair tightly against the sides of your head like you did for your elementary school photos, try pulling them loosely to either side of your head and let them hang there. This is something that anybody with straight hair can do. If your hair is too smooth/sleek and pulling them into two pigtails results in..only sleek pigtails, take each individual pigtail and twist the hair that would have been in the back to the front to have some strands of hair sticking out here and there, thus creating the casual, messy look. This is something that you can pull off without looking too…strange.

3. Easy: Loose Strands

Looking back at what I just wrote, I noticed a recurring trend: loose strands. It seems as though every single hipster hairstyle has a few of those loose strands. Even with Blake Lively’s red carpet hair, it seems as if the loose strands give her a “casual cool” look. This is definitely something to try for you hair conservatives out there. Next time you pull your hair up in a ponytail, leave a few loose strands of hair out. Next time you want to do a bun, try doing a messy bun. Be..adventurous.

As for me, it’s Saturday night and my fingers are almost numb from typing. It’s time for a warm cup of milk with honey and some Baroness Orczy.

Good night and sweet dreams unto you all!


M.I.A.: Hipster Icon

Something about M.I.A. simply screams uniquity, confidence, and “the new generation”. What she does and how she dresses puts a whole new spin on things. What do I mean? Well, let’s just say, she performed at the 2009 Grammy Awards (on her due date) dressed like this:

Even when she is a Mom, she still dares to be unique and unlike the crowd. Perhaps the one aspect of Hipster fashion that M.I.A. always embraces is color (and by color, I mean loads and loads of neon color).

Some aspects of her outfit were touched on in my “Hipster weekend kickoff” post. But two things strike me the most from these two outfits that I haven’t talked about much: leggings and shoes.

Leggings: The new craze of the day. College campuses are flooded with girls clad in leggings. But what kind of leggings would M.I.A. say yes to? These are two that I could definitely imagine our star wearing…

Shoes: Oh dear. Nikes, Reeboks, Converse, DC, Vans…my my my. Where would the hipster world be without them? A few of my favorites…

Yay M.I.A.!

Hipster Weekend Kick-off

Today I just finished my chemistry midterm. Tough? Yeah, sorta, I guess. I know I screwed up when I shouldn’t have. But still. It’s over! Hooray!  I am putting both my calculus and my chem midterm behind me now. They’re done with, and I will happily go on in life without them.

Anyways, as promised, this weekend I will be focusing on hipster fashion. Hipster is a really broad term that varies conceptually from person to person. When I think of hipster, it’s all about looking casually cool, yet unique. Do I find myself in hipster clothes? Rarely. But, here are a few generic staples of hipster clothing:

Neon Colors:

Graphic Tees:

  Awesome Jackets/Sweatshirts

Skinny Jeans:

Cool Accessories:


Do you have any suggestions as to what I should add? Anything tht shouldn’t belong there (I am very uneducated in hipster fashion).

Well. That’s the start! Expect to see more in-depth posts about traits/trends/celebrities, all to do with hipster clothing this weekend. For now, I think I’ll go grab some lunch.

Working out in style

Ever wonder what the seemingly flawless red carpet celebrities wear to fitness clubs and on daily jobs? Here’s a great slideshow with people…including Katy Perry.

Enjoy: Celebrity Gym Style

Sunglasses: Part I-Aviators

This is part I of a lengthy series I will be writing about the different types of sunglasses and the good/bad deals out there! So, to start off, aviators. Aviators are one of my favorite types of shades because of how vintage and chic they can look at the same time. I mean face it. We’ve been seeing aviators from people like Paul McCartney, and, even…Lady Gaga in her music video for “Bad Romance”.

Aviators can be more difficult to purchase. Unlike regular plastic shades, aviators really have to be a perfect fit for your face in order to prevent discomfort and unstylishness. I have tried on oh so many pairs at Nordstrom that were simply too loose.

Yet, seeing as aviators are so popular right now, you also have to be careful not to overspend on a pair. But don’t underspend either. Don’t buy flimsy aviators that fall apart. You really have to keep looking for the right price and right size (it won’t take long, trust me). Secret confession? I got my aviators from Aldo…a shoe store. But, seriously, if a shoe store carries aviators that fit my face (which rarely happens), there are definitely numerous choices out there. Want me to give you a taste of what I’m talking about? Here goes:

The Expensive Ones: (Real) Ray-Ban and Prada

The Good Deals (Pac-Sun and Aldo)

The Color-My-Worlds (Urban Outfitters and dElia’s)


Lady Gaga’s Aviators (Forever 21 and Urban Outfitters)

So, yeah. That’s about all that I can think of right now. comment with more suggestions! (P.S. all the images are clickable. Meaning..click on them to find exactly where I found the sunglasses)

New Shopbop Lookbook

It is the morning before the calculus midterm. Giving myself a little breather before engaging in 80 minutes of furious scribbling and brain-racking.

Anyways, Shopbop has posted a new lookbook about edgy accessories! For those of you whose outfits don’t have much “Edginess” to them, this lookbook is great for inspiration on how small things can give some “cool” to your outfit. But, by all means, I am not recommending you buy it from Shopbop (they are a bit pricey, I know). Think of this as inspiration.

Here’s the lookbook: Shopbop lookbook: Accessories on the Edge

Sale Alert!

It is truly very hard for me to write a lengthier post, but I promise that good things will come on Friday. As I’m sitting in the Husky Union Building on campus at the UW, awaiting my 6:30-9:30 lab and cramming for my calculus midterm tomorrow, I thought of updating my blog. So here I am, with some headlining news for you!