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Inspired! Rihanna’s Nails

Rihanna’s Artsy Nails:

Rihanna, who recently debuted a new album called “Rated R” and just emerged last year from a “Chris Brown beating” situation, is definitely a style icon in the modern world. She has the perfect combination of edgy, rock, and glamour.

Here’s an article from College Fashion about Rihanna’s style (in case you want to know more): http://www.collegefashion.net/fashion-tips/inspired-by-rihanna/

But, what I am most inspired by (as a someone who prefers girly over dark/edgy) is her nails. Rihanna has a way of making herself stand out in the crowd with everything she wears (with that I include makeup, hair, and nails). Here are a few examples of some fascinating Rihanna nails:

Seen above are her beautiful smiley face nails. I tried imitating them but they turned out to be a huge mess (I didn’t have a smiley face nail stencil ).

Seen above are Rihanna’s tiger print nails. These are absolutely fantastic. They are truly very unique and hard to achieve.

In conclusion, what I love most about Rihanna’s nails is the quirky and unique touch they can add to any outfit in general. I, the vintage/girly/chic student, can definitely picture myself with these nails (now if only I could draw them). Speaking of which, here’s a Youtube video tutorial for tiger print nails:


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