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Admit it’s true. When I wear leggings, I dream about my legs being as long as Betty Grable’s and as thin as Twiggy’s. Just to complement this post with pictures, as I like to do, here are three of my all time favorite models: Betty Grable, Twiggy, and Hyoni Kang.

No, but this blog post is not to whine about how unshapely I have become since school started. As model-like as you look while catwalking in your bedroom or posing with a blowdryer in front of your bathroom mirror, we could take a more realistic step to looking like a model. Thus,  I would like to introduce to all you fashionistas: fitness.

That’s right, this means that after you finish reading this blog post, I would like you to get up and go work out. ;D

Here’s my typical workout routine for the day, in addition to the names of the songs that I normally play on my iPod while doing that exercise. Feel free to share your workout routine in a comment below, or tell me of any additions I can make to what I gave so far.

Cardio (10 minutes):

Jog/Run-Take on Me (a-Ha!), Breakaway (Tracy Ullman), Five Minutes to Midnight (Boys Like Girls)

Jumproping: Starstruckk (3Oh!3), Never Gonna Give You Up (Rick Astley)

Target Muscle Toning (10 minutes):

Thigh squats: In the Ayer (Flo Rida)

Crunches/sit ups: Touchdown Turnaround (Hellogoodbye)

Push ups: Paparazzi (Lady Gaga)

Dance (yes, I’m a huge dance fanatic) (20-30 minutes):

Warm-ups: Cobrastyle (Robyn), Give It 2 Me (Madonna), Natural Blues (Moby)

Routines-Contemporary: Stop and Stare (One Republic), Viva La Vida (Coldplay)

Routines-Hip hop: Kiss Me Thru the Phone (Soulja Boy), Elevator (Flo rida)

Routine-Jazz Technique: Feedback (Janet Jackson), Anytime You Like (Robyn)

And, last but not least, the one exercise that is sure to get me sweaty…random jumping/dancing (10 minutes):

Songs for this period of activity change day to day depending on my mood and just how crazy I’m feeling. Here’s what I danced to last night: Juliet (LMNT), Bad Romance (Lady Gaga), Better off Alone (Alice Deejay)

Hope this gives you some inspiration if you’ve been troubling over what to play on your iPod while exercising. Happy exercising!


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