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Shown above is one of the most frequented clothing store by teenagers and college students alike: Forever 21. As trendy and chic their clothes are, we are most attracted to their prices, which are absolutely perfect for students on a budget. Yet, beneath the glitz and glamour of good-looking clothes with unbeatable prices comes the dark side of the store: their return policy.

The first time I visited the store as an innocent high schooler drawn to the colorful skinny leg jeans and $10 leggings, I went on a spree and spent over $50 on that store. It was only after I took my huge bag of clothes home that I realized that their return policy was: “Return within 7 days for store credit“. WHAT?! Store credit only?! And only 7 days?! I freaked. I told my mom about this and she recommended that I simply keep what I bought and forget about the store credit. So I did. It was only after wearing the clothes to school and out to the mall that I realized the inferior quality of the clothes. The leggings (which were “one size fits all”) would not stay on! I made the mistake of wearing them to a Halloween party and spent the whole night utterly worried about how low my leggings could potentially slide down. (It was a horrible experience, believe me).

But, yes, Forever 21 is indeed very chic. Their only major setback is their return policy. So next time, when shopping at Forever 21, keep these things in mind:

  • You cannot get a full refund for what you buy. Be cautious. Go to the fitting rooms before making a purchase!
  • What looks good on you in the store, may not look good on your elsewhere. Yes, this has happened to me before. When surrounded by disco balls, blaring white lights, and all sorts of colors, I have a tendency to try on things and believe that they are perfectly fit for me (like sequined shorts). But when I take them home, I realize that they don’t go with anything in my wardrobe and I would never wear sequined shorts to a calculus class or my microbiology lab.
  • Examine the material. Material is key to clothes. Some clothes may look gorgeous in store (new and freshly-minted), but maybe after a week’s wear, it will start showing defects (like the dreaded furballs).

And this really applies to all stores! Before making a purchase anywhere, make sure to ask about the return policy and have the employees tell you the exact details (store credit, cash refund, etc.)

I can’t emphasize how important a return policy is! Have you ever bought something and just left it in a bag for a long time and when you finally look at it again, you realize you don’t want it that much but that the last day for a refund has long passed? Yep, I have. Nordstrom has a fantastic return policy. It’s…unlimited! -gasp!- I bought a pair of $100 aviators once and just kept them in my room, and soon forgot about them because of my great love for wayfarer sunglasses. When I found the $100 aviators, I was soo relieved to find that I could still return them! (Yes, this also means that I should get organized. Make that a note to self).

So there’s my lesson of the day: check the return policy, fashionistas. And now, back to studying the laws of thermodynamics and integrals. A bientot!


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