A documentation of fashion discoveries, inspiration, and trends.

Oh the wonders of a blouse such as this one from modcloth.com!

Why I’m inspired (the three D’s of inspiration):

  • Daring: Are you brave enough to wear a Victorian lacy blouse to school while swimming from class to class in a sea of North Faces, black leggings, and Uggs?
  • Dreamy: Of course it’s dreamy! For heaven’s sake, you could have just walked from an Edith Wharton or Bronte Sister novel.
  • Dashing: And yes, it can make you look hotter than you think it might. Why? Well 1. If you’re brave enough to wear this, you have a certain degree of confidence which I admire. 2. It all depends on what you pair it with…..

Will I get it? I’ll consider it. It is on sale after all…


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