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In Love! Glitz and Glamour

This is a recently sprouted obssession: sequins. Every time I see a sequined jacket or dress with sequins, I am inevitably drawn to its sparkle and glitter. When I hit the fitting room, I am even more awestruck.

Sadly to say though, I rarely find a chance to wear sequins. College doesn’t call for the same sort of dresses people wear to high school dances. But, just to give you a taste of what I’ve been obsessing about these past weeks…sample outfits with sequins.

Outfit #1: A Touch of Glitz

Product Info for outfit 1: Sequin Tank (Charlotte Russe), Cardigan (forever 21), jeans (modcloth).

Outfit #2: P.Y.T. (Yes, a mini-tribute to MJ)


Product Info: Blazer and Top (topshop.com), Skirt (forever 21)

Outfit #3: You ARE My Shining Star

Product Info: Dress (modcloth.com), leggings (twelve by twelve)


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