A documentation of fashion discoveries, inspiration, and trends.

Hipster Weekend Kick-off

Today I just finished my chemistry midterm. Tough? Yeah, sorta, I guess. I know I screwed up when I shouldn’t have. But still. It’s over! Hooray!  I am putting both my calculus and my chem midterm behind me now. They’re done with, and I will happily go on in life without them.

Anyways, as promised, this weekend I will be focusing on hipster fashion. Hipster is a really broad term that varies conceptually from person to person. When I think of hipster, it’s all about looking casually cool, yet unique. Do I find myself in hipster clothes? Rarely. But, here are a few generic staples of hipster clothing:

Neon Colors:

Graphic Tees:

  Awesome Jackets/Sweatshirts

Skinny Jeans:

Cool Accessories:


Do you have any suggestions as to what I should add? Anything tht shouldn’t belong there (I am very uneducated in hipster fashion).

Well. That’s the start! Expect to see more in-depth posts about traits/trends/celebrities, all to do with hipster clothing this weekend. For now, I think I’ll go grab some lunch.


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