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M.I.A.: Hipster Icon

Something about M.I.A. simply screams uniquity, confidence, and “the new generation”. What she does and how she dresses puts a whole new spin on things. What do I mean? Well, let’s just say, she performed at the 2009 Grammy Awards (on her due date) dressed like this:

Even when she is a Mom, she still dares to be unique and unlike the crowd. Perhaps the one aspect of Hipster fashion that M.I.A. always embraces is color (and by color, I mean loads and loads of neon color).

Some aspects of her outfit were touched on in my “Hipster weekend kickoff” post. But two things strike me the most from these two outfits that I haven’t talked about much: leggings and shoes.

Leggings: The new craze of the day. College campuses are flooded with girls clad in leggings. But what kind of leggings would M.I.A. say yes to? These are two that I could definitely imagine our star wearing…

Shoes: Oh dear. Nikes, Reeboks, Converse, DC, Vans…my my my. Where would the hipster world be without them? A few of my favorites…

Yay M.I.A.!


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