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Here Comes the Sun

Play this song as you read this blog post…and you may feel the same euphoria over the coming of spring/summer that I’m feeling right now. If the video doesn’t play when you press play at first, just fast forward to the little yellow benchmark line and it should work.

Now…this morning I woke up to a flood of sunlight that immediately got me out of bed. Had my eggs sunny side up today and a nice cup of orange juice for breakfast. What else? Oh…I tried on spring dresses.

Based off of last night’s post about the breezy day-look of 1920s women, I tried on a few breezy dresses myself and never felt more in love. Below are some pics.

Get out there and try on your spring clothes!


Inspired by “The Great Gatsby”

F. Scott Fitzgerald’s “The Great Gatsby” is one of my most beloved books ever. In fact, I have a paperback copy of it sitting on my computer desk as I am typing (courtesy of my sister’s $75 Barnes & Noble Gift Card). For those of you who haven’t read it, this is definitely a worthy read. Just make it a weekend excursion into Fitzgerald’s little world of literature. Fitzgerald, himself, is a lovely writer mainly because of how he intertwines romance with very typical human flaws. (Quite a world apart from what I’ve been reading lately: Baroness Orczy’s “The Scarlet Pimpernel”, where the female protagonist, Marguerite, is painted as the very picture of perfection with her delicate hands and feet).

If you want to get a taste of Fitzgerald, “The Great Gatsby” is definitely the place to start. I read “The Great Gatsby”, “This Side of Paradise”, and “Tender is the Night” in that order.

Perhaps the most difficult part of writing a Great Gatsby fashion blog post is whether to weigh more heavily to the film or the novel. The 1974 film stars one of my favorite, and who I deem the best-looking man I’ve ever laid eyes upon, Robert Redford and Mia Farrow. Their visually-appealing outfits in the movie are definitely worth looking at. And it may be just me, but I think that the director Jack Clayton does a remarkable job of sticking closely to the text when it comes to costume. Bravo Mr. Clayton.

Part 1 of the movie starts like this:

My god! The lengths we could go with 1920s fashion. I don’t think I can fully cover my adoration of the 20s in this simple blog post. It will have to be stretched to greater lengths. But let’s just get started anyhow.

Mia Farrow as Daisy Buchanan: Crying over Gatsby’s shirts, calling her cousin a rose, swing dancing, and mood swinging. Yep, that’s Daisy Buchanan. But her wardrobe is sheer beauty, especially with the onset of spring filling fashionistas’ minds with questions over what to include into our wardrobes and what to throw out. Daisy Buchanan’s outfit is a perfect example of a relaxed, yet helplessly romantic outfit.

 Outfit 1-Bringing some of that “loose” clothing into your winter wardrobe

Outfit 2-Breezy Spring Day-Probably the best thing to have in your wardrobe for Spring 2010 would be a breezy spring dress. Add some old-fashioned accessories and you’ve got yourself a Daisy Buchanan look!

Gatsby’s Parties: It’s All About the Glitz and the Glamour. Flappers at parties! Holy smoke! Fun, jewels, swaying pearls, dancing in fountains, flouncy bobbed hair…all wrapped into Jay Gatsby’s parties. Below is a perfect picture of Tom Buchanan, Jordan Baker, Daisy Buchanan, and Jay Gatsby, looking very stylish for the swing-age.

 Outfit 1-Bringing a Little Glitz and Glamour into Your Wardrobe

Outfit 2-Dancing the Night Away


whoo! This post has actually inspired me more than anything else! I am definitely hitting up some thrift stores and Nordstrom Rack this weekend to see if we can find any 1920s-style deals!


Inspired by Julia Roberts in “Erin Brockovich”

Just today, in that awful gap between my 1:30 French class and my 6:30 night lab, I spent my time in my little Environmental Health Class watching a film: Erin Brockovich. Julia Roberts has never ceased to wax her magic upon me like a spell. Who can forget her gorgeous smile in “Notting Hill” or her sassy personality in “Pretty Woman”? No one.  And in Erin Brockovich she certainly brings us the best of Julia Roberts yet again.

Plot Summary on Wikipedia

Before delving deep into Erin Brockovich’s wardrobe in this movie, I am going to make a statement. As much as I love incorporating other people’s wardrobes into my own, bodices and very deep v-necks probably would be deemed unsuitable by any onlooker for a college campus (unless the impression that you will give people is truly what you are aiming for). Nevertheless, I will give an impartial analysis of Erin Brockovich’s wardrobe with a few side comments on my own and do my best to think about perhaps “conservative”-izing her wardrobe by a few notches.

Shall we began?

One key quote to understanding Erin Brockovich’s clothing style and attitude behind that clothes:

Ed Masry: In a law firm you may want to re-think your wardrobe a little.
Erin Brockovich: Well Ed, I think I look nice. And as long as I have one ass instead of two I’ll wear what I like if that’s all right with you? You might want to re-think those ties.

Motorcycle Vests:

Well I guess Julia Roberts has her own take on motorcycle vests now doesn’t she? Exposing and alluring vests are seen in this movie. Remember back in Fall 2009 when “leather” was the thing to have? Well I guess it kind of still is. Remember leather never goes out of style…just like denim. Notice how Julia Roberts does not wear the typical brown or black leather…but instead…red and white leather! Interesting isn’t it?

Outfit 1-Stand out in the Crowd. What better way to make a statement than with your own take on “leather” and “bomber”. Leather vests, jackets, shoes, or even skirts can give you a similar look to Erin Brockovich’s.


Country-Style Bodices:

From the cover of the movie to her picnic scene, Julia Roberts embraces bodices in this movie. True, maybe lace-ups are, like wearing motorcycle vests with nothing under, over-exposing. Yes, maybe it is. But bodices have interesting historic elements tied into them as well as a certain degree of charm. How can we incorporate this into our wardrobes? Here’s some inspiration.

Outfit 1-Sneaking it under your blazer?


Hope this is slightly inspirational! I’m just trying to get through my second midterms week. Things really aren’t that beautiful.

Today I mixed up my decades

What got into me this morning? Don’t even remember. But for some reason I threw on my vintage mustard yellow sweater that looks like it jumped out of the 50s, put on a rainbow headband with go go girl earrings, and then put on my brown cord blazer. Talk about mixing up the decades!

Above you can see my bright yellow disco earrings and my rainbow headband. (Oh and never forget my new favorite pair of sunglasses! <3)That’s right. an 80s-style corduruoy blazer+mustard yellow ruffled cardigan+old pair of jeans=outfit complete! Another rather eclectic outfit from yours truly, me.

Clothing info-

Blazer=$17 (from American Eagle Outfitters, it was a markdown on a markdown. incredibly good deal), Cardigan=$15 (Nordstrom Rack! Love the deals there)

Sunglasses=$10 (Nordstrom BP).

Earrings$2.99 (Claire’s….yes I know. What crazy woman goes to Claire’s anymore? But hey! You can sometimes get good deals there! Like with these earrings which were originally priced at $6)

Headband: Homemade. From my beloved aunt/uncle who own a clothing factory in Los Angeles.

How can you mix up the decades? My favorite things to mix up are most definitely the 50s, 60s, 70s, and 80s.

  1. Rummage through your parents’ wardrobes. You will, undoubtedly, find something that you will want to steal for…well…forever.
  2. Thrift shops! I volunteered at a thrift shop last summer and my god, there were soooo many vintage shoes! I was amazed at the women who walked by with their Nordstrom bags filled with boxes of shoes but neglected to look at our thrift shop’s shoes!
  3. Look through magazines for inspiration. Believe me, I spend a minimal amount of $$$ on clothing. I look through magazines and pricey store catalogs for inspiration as to what I want. Then I rummage through all the stores until I find it  for an affordable price. Do that with vintage pieces

Anyways, the sun’s going down…almost. Which means..time to start studying for midterms! A bientot, mes fashionistas!

Pre-“Alice in Wonderland” Hype

With still 2 more weeks to go till opening day for Tim Burton’s “Alice in Wonderland”, the fashion and beauty world has been going crazy about it already!

What do I mean by fashion and beauty craze? Take a look.

Mia Wasikowska as Teen Vogue’s Cover girl:

Urban Decay’s “Alice in Wonderland” Makeup:

OPI “Alice in Wonderland” Nail Polish

Alice in Wonderland Designer Fashion:

Goodness gracious. I’m more excited about this movie than I have been about any movie in a while.

Sitting in a cherry blossom tree yet to bloom

Not the most fascinating picture of me, but it accurately shows most of my outfit: a genuine beret from Paris, a classic ruffled plaid top, bright yellow camisole, and awesome tortoise-shell shades! An ideal representation of my eclectic taste: vintage, hip, outlandish, name it whatever you want!

Trend Alert: Nautical

With New York Fashion Week just past us and new editions of Vogue and Elle appearing at our doorsteps, it is inevitable that we fashionistas have heard about the new “nautical” trend. For those of you who don’t embrace vintage clothes as much as I do, I still think this might be a trend to consider. I love (with a deep passion) vintage ruffled shirts/cardigans and old-school skirts (sort of like the stuff you parents wore back in the day). When one thinks of nautical, it is almost an automatic response to throw it to the back of your mind as something those 1940s poster girls wore and Popeye also embraced (go spinach!). But it’s not.

That’s right. I tripe dog dare you to try it.

Okay maybe I’m not the one to talk since I’m the raving blogger here who hasn’t gone and purchased a nautical piece yet (besides my mom’s earrings with little anchors on them…but that doesn’t count). So that triple dog dare (points above) applies to yours truly, me, also. Below, is one of my favorite favorite favorite fashion bloggers (another French girl) embracing the nautical trend.

How can you embrace it without “trying too hard” and looking too high-maintenance? By easing it into your wardrobe bit by bit. For my daring fashionistas (cheers, Suzanne), here’s your chance to be an aye-aye sailor.

Attempt #1: Just threw my favorite pieces on…oh and also that nautical piece-This is for those of you who absolutely refuse to spend too much on simply following a trend. I chose a cute little sailor shirt below (although it does cost almsot 50 bucks on ModCloth) because of how simple it is. This shirt is something that you could make a replica of with a T-shirt and some Sharpie. It’s a simple tee with that touch of nautical. The rest of the outfit is up to you. I just chose my favorite spring pieces: long cardigan, acid-wash denim shorts, and flat sandals!

Minimalist Accessories-Hint hint…dig through your Mom’s old jewelry box. You’re bound to find a pair of anchor earrings somewhere. For those of you who don’t even want to try a sailor shirt…try a nautical accessory to see whether this is a trend you are willing to embrace.

Look 2-I kinda like  the nautical look: So maybe after trying on a little sailor tee or maybe some of those cute, quirky nautical accessories, you’ve decided that this is a trend you actually like not merely because it is a trend but because it reflects on who you are and maybe helps you develop your personal style a little bit. How to bring more of it into your wardrobe? Bolder nautical pieces and bolder nautical accessories.

Bolder Accessories:

Look 3-Damn, Nautical is my thing! For those of you who have gone through look 2 and decided that you still can’t get enough of nautical, here’s to you. Let’s go to the beach baby!

See Modcloth’s Nautical page for more inspiration!