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“Bad Romance”. The song that has the world singing “gaga ooh la la”. One of the most popular music videos on the market. And one of Lady Gaga’s most inspirational music videos for fashion. What better way to start off Gaga week than by analyzing her outfits in the music video. This blog post consists of an analysis of the elements of her outfits in the music video, followed by outfits inspired by these elements.

For those of you who have not yet watched it…you are missing out. So here’s the video if you need to refresh your memory or simply need to see it:


A prominent element of Lady Gaga’s style in this music video is sheer white. From her bathtub outfit, where she seems to be wearing a sheer sheet of plastic to her sheer white lingerie underneath the polar bear coat. Sheer white recurs throughout the music video.


Another interesting element of Lady Gaga in her music video is glitter. From the opening scene of the music video to her outfit during the “Walk it, move that bitch crazy” scene, Lady Gaga seems to adore glitter. And not just a touch of it. A whole dress covered with glitter of a head-to-toe glitter outfit.

Solid Colors:

Possibly one of the most striking parts of the music video is the uniformity of the dancers with Lady Gaga. At the very start with the words “Bath Haus of Gaga”, many dancers dressed in the same head-to-toe white outfit appear and dance together. When Lady Gaga is singing her first verse, she is dressed in a unifrom black dress. Towards the end, the crowd is clad in red. Uniformity is thus a key component of the outfits in the music video.

Big Metal Accessories:

Although you probably don’t want to walk around in a metal bra or with metal hoops embracing your body, big metal accessories are a huge part of Lady Gaga. From her metal bra in the end, with sparks flying from it to her metal hoops all around her body, metal accessories are huge!

Excessive Jewelry:

This may be something that Lady Gaga constantly embraces. Here, she is covered in diamonds. Excessive/big jewelry also happens to be a huge trend right now, so this shouldn’t be too hard to imitate.





hope this inspire you guys!


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