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“Paparazzi” is another one of Lady Gaga’s most popular videos. There are recurring elements of class and wealth throughout the video. From Lady Gaga’s face printed on dollar bills to dancing in palace-like settings. It seems clear what Lady Gaga is going for in this video.

Below is the video and a collage of some key images in the video:

Elements of Lady Gaga’s outfits:

Shiny Leather-like-

Lady Gaga’s shiny leather or perhaps, plastic outfit does not complement the regal sofa on which she lies, but “clashing is dashing”. Below is an outfit inspired by the shiny leather look and the pastel, royal print of the couch:

Mickey Mouse?:

One of Lady Gaga’s most impressive outfits in this video is in her final outfit…when she is wearing a yellow body suit covered with..Mickey Mouses? Her Mickey Mouse glasses and impressive shoulder pads are also very inspiring. Personally, I laughed when I saw her like this. I love it!

Outfit 1: Inspired by the Mickey Mouse, the yellow/black color combination, the glasses, and her edgy cuff

Outfit 2: Inspired by the yellow/black color combination, shoulder pads, and peace sign tattoo

Curve-Embracing Bodysuit:

As Lady Gaga falls, she is seen in a curve-embracing bodysuit with gentle pleats. A bodysuit probably won’t be that great of an idea so let me suggest a curve-embracing, white pleated dress instead?


As a perfect complement to the royal palaces and mansions she dances in, Lady Gaga is seen in one scene clad in a one shoulder frill (and a flowy skirt that encircles half her waist). Inspired by the frills-

Outift 1: Solid top with frills of an opposite color

A Frilly Frock does the trick:


Another element also seen in “Bad Romance” is metal. Her metal dress and metal bodysuit are quite impressive. Below are a few items (not an outfit), inspired by Lady Gaga’s love of metal:

Hope this is inspirational!


Comments on: "How to Dress Like Lady Gaga in “Paparazzi”" (3)

  1. i love lady gaga & i love fashion
    but how can i present lady gaga and her style on my outfit ???
    becaus i am a man !!!!!
    if som one have the answer of my problim
    pleeease hilp me !!!

  2. that DRESS is the bomb

  3. well the answer to your question how can you do it if ur a man? well just turn everything manly instead of a dress make a hirt and a pair of pants

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