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Lady Gaga: At the Grammys

Look 1: Blonde+Spool of Thread+Heels without the Heels

 A fake blonde wig, amazingly bizarre shoes, and a very artsy dress. How typical of Lady Gaga! To me, her dress resembled a bird’s nest…or an unraveling spool of thread. Either way, Lady Gaga wore an amazing color and paraded her own personal style without any hesitation.

Look 2: Dressing for Mardi Gras already?

Ahem. Sorry to break it to you Gaga, but Mardi Gras is on the 16th. As much as we appreciate your enthusiasm and adore your heels (can I borrow your shoe wardrobe sometime?), I’m not sure the whole crowd enjoyed the onesie which exposed majority of your tush.

Look 3: Filthy…Rich

I wonder how many Lady Gaga fans I’ll see wearing dark makeup now. But your singing mate Elton John with his brilliant orbital earring complemented you perfectly. I adored your performance together. I suppose ash-covered faces are going to be a next big thing now…huh. I’m thinking about how to incorporate that into my look.

Look 3: The Iceberg that Took Down Titanic

Your headdress! Oh my word! I suppose you made up to the people sitting around you with an autograph or two..yes? I hope nobody was hurt.


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