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The gorgeous country of Italy, with its splash of color and sunshine. What better place than to base another one of her music videos in! Lady Gaga’s “Eh Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say)” music video includes colorful outfits (a nice alternative to what we’ve seen in “Bad Romance”) and amazing hairdos. Here’s the video:

Lady Gaga’s Outfits:

Yellow Blossom Outfit At the End of the Video:

This is so unlike Lady Gaga! I mean, think about it. Lady Gaga wearing flowers. Last time we saw her at the Grammys, she was wearing an iceberg-like headdress and holding a sharp spiked object. This is why I decided to feature her flower outfit first. Her hair and her outfit are both very…not typical for her. She looks like she walked straight off the cover of a 1950s covershoot. Here are a few pieces inspired by the floral look she embodies:

Lady Gaga’s “Looking Tough and Sexy” Outfit

This is a bit more like Lady Gaga, I suppose. White dress with shoulder pads and awesome sunglasses. But, I’m choosing to feature this outfit after the previous because Lady Gaga once again embodies a very retro look with her sunglasses, hairdo, and outfit. Her hair reminds me of the “I Love Lucy” show, her sunglasses of John Lennon, and her outfit of the 1980s. Way to mix Gaga! Here are a few sample outfits that mix up elements from the 20th century-

Outfit 1: 50s-like Dress + 80s-like Structured Shoulder

Outfit 2: 60s-Groove Dress + 40s-Style Fedora

Outfit 3-Just like Lady Gaga:

Cotton Candy (Cherry cherry boom boom):

This is more of an analysis of the surroundings in which Lady Gaga resides. Although she is clad in a simple bra…she is lying on a pink polka dot bedsheet with sky blue walls. This deserves an “OMG”, as we never see Lady Gaga in such a cheery setting. Inspired by the cotton candy colors:

Last but not least, the signature outfit of the video:

As Lady Gaga strolls down the streets of Italy with her dear friends, we see her wearing a sky blue outfit with a tank and shorts. We also spy…her infamous bow made out of hair! Inspired by her summer-like, blue elements:

It is 11:18 pm. I think i’m getting tired. I guess this is it then. Good night all!


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  1. […] video really reminds me of Lady Gaga’s “Eh eh” music video, with the baby blue walls and colorful clothes Lily Allen wears. Her outfit is also quite vintage […]

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