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“Beautiful, Dirty, Rich” is another one of Lady Gaga’s more popular videos. It tells the story in general of Lady Gaga at a party (a rich people party). I decided not to create day-to-day outfits from Lady Gaga in this video since it would be a bit repetitive from what we have seen already. Therefore, I am creating party outfits based on Lady Gaga in this video.

Lady Gaga at the Beginning: Little Black Dress with Amazing Shoulders

Lady Gaga was her badass look with the sunglasses and the shoulders is a great source of inspiration for parties in general. Here are a few outfits inspired by her:

Outfit 1-Dance Party-Structured Black + Shiny Gold

Outfit 2-Casual Party-Black with a Gold Belt

Lady Gaga In Red: The Signature Look of the Video

The outfit that people think of when we think of this video is the one of Lady Gaga in red. Her red onesie and red lipstick are so conspicuous in this music video, it doesn’t take any prying at all to figure out that this is the outfit she wants to represent this video. The solid red with touches of gold is very inspirational. Here are a few outfits inspired by the red+gold look:

Outfit 1: Casual Drinks-Sexy Red and Adventurous Gold Polka Dots

Outfit 2: Cocktail Party-Dressy Red and Gold

Lady Gaga’s Lingerie+Beret

Lady Gaga  pulls off another one of her favorite elements: lingerie. This time, with a French beret and dark lipstick. Below are a few outfits inspired by the pastel pink and dark tints of her outfit:

Outfit 1-SemiFormal Party-Pastel Pink+black tint

Outfit 2-

Hope this is inspirational!


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