A documentation of fashion discoveries, inspiration, and trends.

Natalie the Fashion Critic

As I sit in the Suzzallo Cafe (located on the first floor of the University of Washington’s beautiful Suzzallo library) sipping my tall latte, I suddenly recall something one of my friends asked me the other day: why I didn’t critique fashion if I was writing a fashion blog. Am I a filter-less embrace-all fashion blogger? This blog is to document my fashion adventures and it should include what I don’t like.

Therefore, I am commissioning myself to become a part-time fashion critic. By all means this does not mean that I am going to stop blogging about what I do now. It simply means that I am going to expand my horizons and dare to critique.

Speaking of which, this might be a good time to touch on the subject of criticism. Critical comments are definitely approved, since it is a good chance for me as a blogger to learn more about different fashion perspectives while I’m at it. What I critique, you may adore, and anyone is allowed to provide their argument for why they adore it. What I adore, you may detest–feel free to give me your reason(s). However, keep it mature and polite. Everyone has different tastes and this blog is meant to widen your perspective of what you/I could potentially wear, not to make you/me re-evaluate your/my entire wardrobe.

And, oh beautiful sunshine, you have emerged from your lair! How you made me suffer this morning and the early afternoon. I was wearing my favorite pair of black suede boots. I’m not sure water is all that nice for the quality of suede. I am so glad you kicked the rain in the butt and regained your authority in the sky. Anyways, perhaps it’s time for me to stop staring out the window and get some calculus homework done.

Ciao, my fashionistas!


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