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We’ve looked at four of her videos already (I chose to ignore “Poker Face” since there are probably hundreds of blog posts on that video already). By now, we have a pretty good idea of what Lady Gaga likes to wear in each video. So let’s take our facts now and put it into action: what would Lady Gaga wear on Valentine’s Day? The day of love, romance, and boy-hunting. I’ve broken down Lady Gaga into three categories below. Hope this is amusing/inspiring!

Category 1: You’ve Left Me Speechless (Sweet, Romantic)

Outfit 1- Pastel Pink from “Beautiful Dirty Rich” + Jewelry from “Bad Romance”

Outfit 2: Floral from “Eh eh (Nothing Else I Can Say)” + Frills from “Paparazzi”

Category 2: Playing a Lovegame (Flirty, sexy)

Outfit 1-Structured Shoulder from “Beautiful, Dirty, Rich” /Curve-Embracing from “Paparazzi” + Glitter  from “Bad Romance”

Outfit 2: Cotton Candy Pink (Eh eh, nothing else I can say) + Metal (“Bad Romance”)

Category 3: Bad Romance (Super Sexy/Badass)

Outfit 1-Red (Beautiful, Dirty, Rich)

Outfit 2-Bodycon Skirt (“Paparazzi”)+Sheer (“Bad Romance”)

Hope this is inspirational!


Comments on: "What would Lady Gaga wear on Valentine’s Day?" (2)

  1. I love Lady Gaga! I like how you took pieces that look like something she’d wear, but are still possible for actual people to wear in real life. 🙂

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