A documentation of fashion discoveries, inspiration, and trends.

The Mystery Van, Scooby Doo’s dog biscuits that make him fly 10 feet in the air,  and, of course, Daphne, Velma, Fred, and Shaggy.

Daphne and Velma have their signature outfits that anyone would recognize if you wore exact replicas of it. So let’s lavish some creativity on their outfits, that you could wear without looking like a “Party City” advertisement.


Daphne’s signature look consists of her: purple dress, lime-green scarf, pink headband/tights, and her orange sherbert hair. Taking these colors and elements, I will regenerate some day to day outfits.

Outfit 1-Going Out with Pale Pink Scarf+Green Handbag+Purple Bodycon Dress

Outfit 2-Work/Internship

Outfit 3-Wear to Class


Our geeky yet lovable Velma has the signature look of short bobbed hair, square classes, orange sweater, red mini skirt, and orange tights. Something about her and warm colors makes her stand out from what Daphne wears. Below are two outfits inspired by Velma:

Outfit 1-Vintage Velma

Outfit 2-Girly Velma


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