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You’re probably gawking at your computer screen right now and murmuring, “The Rugrats? What the hell?!” But yes. I can’t believe I’m doing this either. If you can’t remember the Rugrats, you can still take a look and see what they are. My god. The Rugrats extend back into the very roots of my childhood.

Angelica-The super bossy blonde-pigtail girl. I’m sure this strikes a memory back to the preschool playground for most of you. It does for me at least. Angelica’s signature look are those two high pigtails, her purple dress, orange shirt, and spotted leggings.

Outfit 1-(Just making fun of her) Little Miss Bossy

Outfit 2-Wear to Class

Lil and Phil

The twins from Rugrats! The ever nonsensical and adorable outfits continue with their baby pink with seafoam green.

Outfit 1-Chic/Casual

Outfit 2-Dressy


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