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Winter Warmth

As I sit here sipping my mint hot chocolate (from the remnants of my father’s wonderful hot cocoa Christmas gift set to me), I start reminiscing about Christmas and the holidays. Oh, how excited I was the month/weeks before winter break at the prospect of escaping to Los Angeles, finding true love, excessive shopping, and the fantastic night life in Las Vegas and Los Angeles. It ended all too soon I suppose. And as I was surfing through Elle’s website, I saw Pre-Fall 2010 collections. FALL 2010?! That’s the coming of another holiday season! Time sure flies fast!

Anyways, in honor of my beautiful winter memories…a few of my my most beautiful ones:

1. The Louis Vuitton Store in Las Vegas

Above is an overhead view of the most beautiful Louis Vuitton store I have ever laid eyes upon. It’s located in the bottom center of the photo. But if you were there, all you would see would be glittering lights and stepping into the store would be the equivalent of stepping into a Louis Vuitton heaven with shoes (and even a shoe clearance), bags, luggage, scarves, clothes, puppy-wear, sunglasses, and so much more! Oh god how I loved that night in Las Vegas!

2. Los Angeles City Lights

3. Cheesecake

4. Philosophy’s”Kiss Me Tonight” Lip Balm

5. Drunk Cousins

A Polyvore Fashion Collage that Epitomizes it all:


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