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In Love! Neiman Marcus

The other day I received a HUGE NEIMAN MARCUS CATALOGUE IN THE MAIL! I guess it’s because I spent almost $200 on Bobbi Brown makeup during the Neiman Marcus grand opening. It was called “The Book” and I can see why. It was humongous. I read it over and over and over again, memorizing my favorite items and designers.

I was most impressed by Diane Von Furstenberg and the handbags! How I fell in love with every single handbag in the catalog from the blue Jimmy Choo snakeskin hobo to the white Michael Kors tote!

I really do need a new handbag. But as a college student on a budget, I suppose Jimmy Choo and Chanel just aren’t within my range. Thankfully my mother bestowed upon me a chic Juicy Couture black velvet tote for Christmas, so I’m not too left behind.

But let’s stop thinking about our budget for now, and daydream. My dream handbags:


Yves Saint Laurent-

Diane Von Furstenberg-



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