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First off, Wonder Woman.

Wonder Woman

Of course I had to include Wonder Woman! Who can talk about Marvel without touching on the superhero beauty clad in her all-American attire? The elements of Wonder Woman are really quite simple: a touch of gold and American colors+sexy confidence.

Outfit 1-Old School: Pull out your school sweatshirts and wear them! Wonder Woman is supposed to be an icon for American women, and wearing school sweatshirts definitely has that touch of patriotism. Make it look more Wonder Woman and chic with gold accessories. Wear it with jeans or a mini-skirt.

Outfit 2-Wonder Woman gone Vintage: Red, blue, and yellow/gold, has been seen in American women’s wardrobes for as long as I can remember. Why not incorporate those elements by casually wearing your vintage cardigan, a simple pair of shorts, and pair of sexy red heels? For those of you who appreciate vintage clothing as much as I do, an example of Wonder Woman gone vintage.

Outfit 3-Having a ball, Wonder Woman? Although Wonder Woman’s idea of a ball may be knocking out hulky villains by the dozens, her outfit definitely inspires me to write about formal wear. So let’s just make this a “what if” shall we, fashionistas? What if Wonder Woman went to a ball? What would she wear? How about a classic red dress complemented by a classic, gold Coach purse? Or a spotlight-stealing gold dress paired with a blue Chanel purse?


Hope this is inspiring!

Look forward to more Marvel women coming up shortly.


Comments on: "Inspired by…DC’s Wonder Woman" (1)

  1. Wonder Woman isn’t a Marvel character. She’s from DC.

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