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Catwoman. The sexy, sleek, curvy Marvel icon. After all, what’s more attractive than a purring lady? Catwoman is for those of you who embrace dark colors more than anything. But don’t forget Catwoman’s feminine touch of lipstick and lady-like features.

Just a Touch of Catwoman: Adding a touch of catwoman is really easy. Just add a piece with a dark shade to any outfit you’re wearing, or even a touch of red lipstick (which happens to be a huge trend right now). The pieces I chose below are just a sample of the things you could wear. An appealing shade of lipstick, a dark top with a feminine touch, and a classic dark skirt (all characteristic of Catwoman).

Sleek as Catwoman: The question here is what makes Catwoman look so sleek? Could it be the dark colors? Or, to put it simply, her skin tight outfits that are not so tight that they restrict movement. What makes her so sleek is her wearing of clothes that fit just right and her lack of unnecessary accessories. With the new wave of “simplicity”, bodycon dresses and leggings are in stores everywhere, so it shouldn’t be hard to attain the sleek and curve-embracing look of Catwoman. Below are two outfits that attempt to imitate the “sleek” look of Catwoman.

Outfit 1-Just Add Tights. What I’m trying to convey in the outfit below is that you aren’t limited to dark colors when you want to look sleek. I, for one, cannot stand wearing dark colors day after day. With a bright yellow tunic sweater and warm brown leggings, you look bright and cheery, yet simply sleek.

Outfit 2- Here I’m incorporating Catwoman’s favorite color and her red lipstick into the outfit. Once again, it’s all about wearing clothes that fits you just right.

Hope this is inspirational!


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