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Inspired by…Sushi

Sushi! The new trend that has Blair Waldorf throwing Sushi and Sake parties with Toro and has parties of college students hitting sushi bars for dinner. Probably my favorite part about sushi is its variety and the little “tidbits of everything” you can get. Even when you’re not sitting at a sushi bar, you are offered bento boxes with small containers of food such as a small grilled salmon fillet, sashimi,  salad, little cucumber sushi rolls, and miso soup. To recreate this in an outfit may be difficult but remember the key is to have a little bit of everything. I mean just look at sushi pictures! Colors and variety galore!

Most commonly seen in sushi are warm colors. From the red of tuna to the orange of salmon, the yellow of egg to the peachy (with a gray tint) of mackarel. Yet, never forget the seaweed!

Outfit 1-Maguro (Tuna)

Sushi are always very cozy and closely wrapped together. Here’s an outfit inspired by the colors and coziness of a Maguro sushi roll. Trendy elements related to Maguro sushi rolls: dark red, color blocks, body-con

Outfit 2-Saba (Mackarel)

One of the most beautiful parts about Saba is its gentle fading of colors, which we rarely find in sushi. Notice that this sushi is not a roll so I’m making this outfit a bit “looser” and more spring-like. Trendy elements related to saba: pastel colors and loose harem pants.

Outfit 3-Tamagoyaki (Egg Sushi)

Something interesting about Tamagoyaki is how it is in the form of our Saba sushi seen above (not a tight sushi roll), yet it stisll has that seaweed wrapped around it. Trendy elements of Tamagoyaki sushi: belts, pastel colors, tatters (notice the pores in the egg), defined waist

Outfit 4-Inari (Fried Tofu Filled with Rice)

Perhaps one of my favorite types of sushi (because I don’t like eating much raw meat) is the Inari. A delicious fried tofu pouch filled with rice, often topped with light Japanese seasoning. It is filling and delicious! Trendy elements related to Inari: African savannah, thin cardigans, the white shirt.

Hope this inspires you to some extent!


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