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I have enough shoes to just match my outfits (polka-dot rain boots, classic ballet flats, classic mid-calf black suede boots, classic fur-trimmed boots, brown walking shoes with school color laces, and Nike Reax’s), but I want a bit more adventure…and exoticism to my shoe wardrobe. So, I have decided to blog about my most wanted shoes. Enjoy.

Oxfords: We all love how those preppy Oxford boys dress. So why not bring that preppy and vintage into our wardrobe with a cute pair of Oxfords.

Lace-Up Boots: Something about how hardcore, yet chic, lace-up boots can look totally appeals to me.

Pumps: They’re everywhere these days. From the ballroom to the club, pumps go with any occasion.

Now, for my NOT-WANTED LIST:

1. Uggs

2. Crocs

3. Moccasins

4. Shoes that people only wear because they’re name brand: I am sick and tired of Louis Vuitton wedges and Coach shoes. Shoes can be more artistic beyond screaming “HEY! THIS IS NAME BRAND!”. Some of the most beautiful shoes in the world don’t worry about pasting a “Tory Burch” symbol on them, because those shoes are focused on comfort and chicness.To be 100% honest, unless they would still look good without the little “Chanel” symbol, don’t get them.


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