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Remember back at the beginning of Fall 2009, when it was all about plaid (and motorcycle jackets?). We probably all went and got ourselves one of those $10 plaid shirts in red and blue from Forever 21, but after hitting the campus and seeing much of the college population wear the same shirt, you’re probably a bit hesitant to wear it (nobody wants to look like “Everybody else”). Or for those of you who haven’t gotten yourselves a plaid shirt yet because you’re afraid you’ll simply look like you jumped in the bandwagon, here’s some inspiration on how to make a plaid shirt…you.

The Shirt That Everyone Has:

Outfit 1-Quirky and Retro. With quirky and retro pieces,  you can make your shirt look sooo you.

Outfit 2-Hippie and Girly: With a totally hippie faded denim jacket and a classic white skirt, you can give your shirt a bit of you.

Outfit 3-SO WHAT I’M STILL A ROCKSTAR: The title says it all.

Outfit 4-And, yes, you can still look sweet and girly

Conclusion: So yeah…um…GUESS THAT MEANS THAT ANYBODY CAN WEAR PLAID SHIRTS! From the pretty nice girl in your history class to the hipster gal sitting next to you on the bus, anybody can pull a plaid shirt off in their own special way.

Happy three-day weekend, fashionistas!


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