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I know that most of my friends have not been getting much sleep because the Olympics have been keeping us up (Isn’t that so, Vera?). So what better timing that to write an article on Olympic-inspired fashion. From simply showing support for the U.S. to adding a bit more to your wardrobe, there are so many ways the Olympics can inspire you. I’m hesitating on going too deep into figure skating outfits yet, so let’s just look at the other awesome Winter sports. PART I OF THE SERIES: SNOWBOARDING

Snowboarding- Raise your hand if you haven’t heard Shaun White’s name in the past week. If you raised your hand, just turn on the TV or look at an online newspaper. The “Flying Tomato” has been racing across snowboarders’ dreams and into the pride of America. The Double McTwist? Insane. His outfit? Hmm….

The U.S. Snowboarding Team’s red, white, and blue plaid jackets as well as their faux denim pants. Key elements of the look:

Classic Plaid:

Faux Denim:

Patriotic Colors:

Putting It Together:

Look 1-All-American Girl

Look 2-Casual Chic



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