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Trend Alert: Nautical

With New York Fashion Week just past us and new editions of Vogue and Elle appearing at our doorsteps, it is inevitable that we fashionistas have heard about the new “nautical” trend. For those of you who don’t embrace vintage clothes as much as I do, I still think this might be a trend to consider. I love (with a deep passion) vintage ruffled shirts/cardigans and old-school skirts (sort of like the stuff you parents wore back in the day). When one thinks of nautical, it is almost an automatic response to throw it to the back of your mind as something those 1940s poster girls wore and Popeye also embraced (go spinach!). But it’s not.

That’s right. I tripe dog dare you to try it.

Okay maybe I’m not the one to talk since I’m the raving blogger here who hasn’t gone and purchased a nautical piece yet (besides my mom’s earrings with little anchors on them…but that doesn’t count). So that triple dog dare (points above) applies to yours truly, me, also. Below, is one of my favorite favorite favorite fashion bloggers (another French girl) embracing the nautical trend.

How can you embrace it without “trying too hard” and looking too high-maintenance? By easing it into your wardrobe bit by bit. For my daring fashionistas (cheers, Suzanne), here’s your chance to be an aye-aye sailor.

Attempt #1: Just threw my favorite pieces on…oh and also that nautical piece-This is for those of you who absolutely refuse to spend too much on simply following a trend. I chose a cute little sailor shirt below (although it does cost almsot 50 bucks on ModCloth) because of how simple it is. This shirt is something that you could make a replica of with a T-shirt and some Sharpie. It’s a simple tee with that touch of nautical. The rest of the outfit is up to you. I just chose my favorite spring pieces: long cardigan, acid-wash denim shorts, and flat sandals!

Minimalist Accessories-Hint hint…dig through your Mom’s old jewelry box. You’re bound to find a pair of anchor earrings somewhere. For those of you who don’t even want to try a sailor shirt…try a nautical accessory to see whether this is a trend you are willing to embrace.

Look 2-I kinda like  the nautical look: So maybe after trying on a little sailor tee or maybe some of those cute, quirky nautical accessories, you’ve decided that this is a trend you actually like not merely because it is a trend but because it reflects on who you are and maybe helps you develop your personal style a little bit. How to bring more of it into your wardrobe? Bolder nautical pieces and bolder nautical accessories.

Bolder Accessories:

Look 3-Damn, Nautical is my thing! For those of you who have gone through look 2 and decided that you still can’t get enough of nautical, here’s to you. Let’s go to the beach baby!

See Modcloth’s Nautical page for more inspiration!


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