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Today I mixed up my decades

What got into me this morning? Don’t even remember. But for some reason I threw on my vintage mustard yellow sweater that looks like it jumped out of the 50s, put on a rainbow headband with go go girl earrings, and then put on my brown cord blazer. Talk about mixing up the decades!

Above you can see my bright yellow disco earrings and my rainbow headband. (Oh and never forget my new favorite pair of sunglasses! <3)That’s right. an 80s-style corduruoy blazer+mustard yellow ruffled cardigan+old pair of jeans=outfit complete! Another rather eclectic outfit from yours truly, me.

Clothing info-

Blazer=$17 (from American Eagle Outfitters, it was a markdown on a markdown. incredibly good deal), Cardigan=$15 (Nordstrom Rack! Love the deals there)

Sunglasses=$10 (Nordstrom BP).

Earrings$2.99 (Claire’s….yes I know. What crazy woman goes to Claire’s anymore? But hey! You can sometimes get good deals there! Like with these earrings which were originally priced at $6)

Headband: Homemade. From my beloved aunt/uncle who own a clothing factory in Los Angeles.

How can you mix up the decades? My favorite things to mix up are most definitely the 50s, 60s, 70s, and 80s.

  1. Rummage through your parents’ wardrobes. You will, undoubtedly, find something that you will want to steal for…well…forever.
  2. Thrift shops! I volunteered at a thrift shop last summer and my god, there were soooo many vintage shoes! I was amazed at the women who walked by with their Nordstrom bags filled with boxes of shoes but neglected to look at our thrift shop’s shoes!
  3. Look through magazines for inspiration. Believe me, I spend a minimal amount of $$$ on clothing. I look through magazines and pricey store catalogs for inspiration as to what I want. Then I rummage through all the stores until I find it  for an affordable price. Do that with vintage pieces

Anyways, the sun’s going down…almost. Which means..time to start studying for midterms! A bientot, mes fashionistas!


Comments on: "Today I mixed up my decades" (2)

  1. We can be blazer twins! (I have the same one in purple, which i pretty much stalked online for 2 months until it disappeared, only to reappear later in stores where i snatched it up for $17 as well.) The buttons on mine keep falling off…blargh

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