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My god. Please don’t hate me if I told you I spent the past weekend watching horribly cliched chick flicks. I was just finding a way to pass time…of course. No I had plenty of other things to do like work out and lose the two pounds that I gained in these past two months, but I decided to watch chick flicks. What a girl. Anyways, time to make some use of my chick flick watching. WRITE A POST ABOUT MEAN GIRLS! This is gonna be…entertaining to say the least.

One of my favorite clips from that movie:

Now, let’s get started shall we? Regina and Cady have such a diverse sense of style, whereas Gretchen/Karen are more similar. Then we shall start by analyzing one of the girls (don’t want to make a blog post too cluttered). CADY HERON!

Cady Heron:

Outfit 1-Totally ungirly: Cady starts off in this movie having just moved from homeschooling in Africa. Her outfits at the beginning of the movie are clearly representative of this fact. It’s all about the “I don’t really care how I look” look….how ironic.

Outfit 2-Cute, yet Sassy, mini-skirt. We see Cady’s transformation into a “Plastic” very evidently through her outfits. She transforms from cool, throwing-on-whatever gal, into cute and sassy mini-skirts. I know, I know….you are probably thinking to yourself…”mini-skirts are so nineties and noughties. This is the new decade, I ain’t wearing that anymore”. But mini-skirts are also so classic and never fail to make you look gorgeous. Give it a shot. You’ll be impressed by the results.

Cute Mini-skirts I found online:

Wear any of the above with a red/pink top and sassy boots to recreate the Cady look:

Outfit 3-Cady holds a party! Okay, so she does end up looking like a true wannabe about 3/4 of the way through the movie. But, needless to say, her tight-fitting dress at her party is truly representative of noughtie fashion.


Comments on: "Inspired by…The “Mean Girls”-Cady Heron" (2)

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  2. Can you put a link for Karen and Gretchen? Thanks!

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