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This is part 2 of the series on “Mean Girls”. For those of you who didn’t catch the first one, it’s here: Cady Heron.

“Where can I start with Regina George…”-Janice in the movie. And it’s quite true. Where does one start with the true queen bee Regina George?

Key Part: The Letter “R”. From her cute little PJ top with the royal “R” on it, to her necklace with the letter R that she wears ceaselessly, Regina has true pride in her name. How to imitate this? Do it with your own name! Show your own pride. Again, I know, this is soo nineties and noughties. But I’m trying to give undivided attention to each element of Regina’s wardrobe.

Key Element: Black with a Pop of Pink

From Regina’s opening outfit with the pink blouse under the black sweater to her pastel pink bunny ears with her black/white bodysuit and her pink jacket with black skirt, Regina has a way with pink and black. How can we draw inspiration?

Possibility 1-Schoolgirl Look

Possibility #2: “Going out” Look

To be Continued with…GRETCHEN AND KAREN!


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