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Favorite clip-“Oh my God Karen you can’t just ask people why they’re white.”

Gretche Weiners, the ever-loyal friend and accomplice of Regina George, is a gorgeous looking gal in the movie. Unlike the others, she doesn’t “embrace” pink as much. Instead, we see her wearing…warm colors and preppy prints like plaid. Yet, one key component of Gretchen’s outfit is how she, very often, does not wear full-length shirts….belly button exposure! Probably way too 90s for school, but let’s see what we can make out of it.

Possibility 1: Incorporating her love of Cropped Tops and warm colors.

Possibiliy 2: V-necks and Prettiness-Yes, Gretchen does use her clothes as a way of showing-off her shapely body with v-necks and bandage skirts. Here’s my interpretation of that aspect of her style


Comments on: "Inspired by “Mean Girls”-Gretchen Weiners" (1)

  1. OMG i love this movie so much and gretch i want to become just like her

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