A documentation of fashion discoveries, inspiration, and trends.

To-Buy List

It’s…almost….spring 2010! Well it’s beeng Spring 2010 for a couple of weeks already in the fashion world. Anyhow, it’s time I plan out what I should be setting aside my money for these coming months. My to-buy list:

1. Bright-colored dress

2. New Flats…my current ones are falling apart. literally. Time to buy new flats, honey.

3. Real Tights-With Winter and Fall, came the rise of footless tights and leggings.  I think it’s time I buy some…real tights.

4. Something with lace. The idea of Gothic and Romance mixed together makes me very excited. Not to mention how big of a spring trend lace is!

5. Something Pastel-Colored. My wardrobe is wayyy too ungirly color-wise. Mustard yellow, tan, oranges, and navy blues are the dominant colors. Ick ick and eugh for lack of variety. Time to girly it up with some pastels!


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