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Mon dieu! Aside from watching chick flicks and working out, I have literally done nothing this past week. Getting midterms back are supposed to serve as extra motivation to get my head in the game, unfortunately, getting midterms back affirmed my conviction that I am doing fine in my classes and don’t need to work harder. A lack of motivation is the worst place for college freshman to be in his/her second quarter of college.

Anyways, just yesterday, I put my iPod onto my boombox and shuffled songs, as I normally would get a techno/electronic/pop/rock song to do my work-out stretches and warm-ups. Yet, the first song that came on was “The Point of No Return” from the movie The Phantom of the Opera, starring Gerard Butler and Emmy Rossum. I was a huge fan of Emmy Rossum back in 7th grade. Everything about her face and figure screamed exquisite beauty. I am very surprised about her disappearance from the media world all of a sudden. It’s quite saddening to think about how a pretty girl with an amazing voice like Emmy Rossum is set aside for gals like Megan Fox.

Anyways, it almost seemed like a message sent to me from my blogging deity to blog about “The Phantom of the Opera”. I mean, why else would my iPod automatically ignore my Lady Gaga and Wham! mixes for The Phantom of the Opera? It was an omnipotent presence. How surreal…let’s get down to business now.

Think of Me:

Oh fear not Emmy Rossum. I will always think of you when I hear this piece. The way your hair is speckled with flowers and your earrings dangle from your ears in such a fine manner. It’s unforgettable! Not to mention how you literally shone on stage.

My favorite parts of Emmy Rossum’s outfit are:

  • Shimmer and shine: with the coming of spring, floaty dresses that shimmer in the sun seem to be just the right thing.
  • Just a touch of pretty make-up: perfect for school or any activity. Emmy Rossum’s seeming lack of theatrical make-up does the trick.
  • Walking bouquet of flowers: simple floral accessories for embracing the floral trend without looking like a salad.

Music of the Night:

I recently acquired the piano sheet music to this. Love playing it! This is such a beautiful song…well…I suppose that holds true for every song in this musical. But notice, Emmy Rossum loses her “shine and shimmer” from the previous scene almost immediately. She now has smoky eyes and is clad in lace and light fabric. I suppose this outfit is a bit more representative of women in the late 19th-century.

Favorite elements of her outfit:

  • Appealing smoldering eye: need I elaborate more with all those smoky eye tutorials on Youtube?
  • Ruffles: I love ruffles. They add a touch of femininity and sophistication to almost anything.
  • Sheer/lace: another huge spring trend! Just be careful not to be too revealing when trying out this trend.

The Point of No Return:

This is a very sensual and dark song. The eternal bonding and decision to “be one” forever and ever. Emmy Rossum’s exposed shoulders and black/red/yellow outfit.

Favorite elements of this outfit:

  • Black Lace: Taking lace to the next level huh?
  • Exposed shoulders: My favorite combination of the 80s with classic Gothic R0mance style. Definitely something to think about.
  • Dark red: a very sensual color shown in Emmy Rossum’s flower in her hair as well as her lip color.


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  1. dzaaanlian magari pilmia da masshi chaqsovilia is rasac xelit ver sheeeexebii maaas aucilebeliaa gulit chaswvdee…

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