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Wardrobe Essentials

This is probably one of those basic things that every fashion blog should have but I have put off until now. Anyways, this is totally based on my style and neglects what many fashionistas would consider “classic”. Here goes…

1. Essential #1: Comfortable Shoes that are Stylish

It is so embarrassing to wear a pair of the most beautiful pumps ever, yet to have to take them off and hold them for the rest of the night because they simply don’t fit right. That is the importance of comfortable shoes. But do not revert to Uggs and moccasins when looking for comfort. There are plenty of stylish shoes out there with padded soles, extra width, and flexible material. Ballet flats, oxfords, you name it! It just takes effort to really search for it. If you’re not willing to put in the effort for shoe shopping, you’re going to have to suffer the consequences and potential humiliation.

2. Essential #2: A Cute and Fitting Dress

Television does the worst job at dramatizing fashion queens. “Oh my word I have nothing to wear whatever shall I do!” Well any true fashionista already has a stocked wardrobe. The ones who faint over lack of clothing are just wannabes. In order to avoid looking like a faints-over-no-clothing wannabe, make sure you have a cute and fitting dress for any occasion. Whether it’s simply looking pretty with the girls or going out with someone, a cute dress that is comfortable is definitely a good idea.

3. Essential #3: A Throw-on Over Anything Sweater

Most of my weekends are devoted to studying. I dress in ugly sweats, a Puma sports jacket, and an old tee and voila..my outfit is complete. But then, about halfway into my studying, my pals call me up and they want me to go out…in ten minutes. Ten minutes! Only one thing to do….GRAB A SWEATER and throw it on over my tee and quickly change into jeans or leggings and out the door I go.

4. Essential #4: A Spice-it-up Accessory

On days when all you feel like wearing are jeans and a plain sweater, the best thing to do would be to put on a little accessory, whether it be a scarf, hat, necklace, or earrings to spice things up a bit and not look like a stale fashionista running out of outfit ideas.

5. Element #5: Something that makes you look hot

Face it darlings. Our 1950s cardigans and 80s jewelry boxes just aren’t going to cut it for house parties and hitting downtown with the girls. But, by golly, do not stray from your own personal style just to wear something that looks attractive. The past Fall, leather bombers were the thing to have. They simply make people smokin’ hot!  But I am not a motorcycle gal, or anything close to that for that matter, so I chose my own version of a bomber: a shearling bomber. Much more classic and much more “me”. But, finding an attractive article of clothing takes some searching. Don’t go to your local Forever 21 and pick out the most “risqué” top you can find. Find something that makes you feel “you”, yet that you know will have all the boys in your yard (forgive the Kelis reference, it was the first thing I thought of).


Comments on: "Wardrobe Essentials" (2)

  1. wow, i really love those items, Hmm. very cute and girly. i think you should include the black dress there.

    • Glad you like it! oh and of course…how could i forget the little black dress? I’ll definitely do a continuation of that post sometime in the near future.

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