A documentation of fashion discoveries, inspiration, and trends.

No, unfortunately, Mother Mary does not call to me. Rather, the awful world of capitalism and media beckons to me with her impeccable finger covered in a thick layer of Chanel nail polish and a Juicy Couture ring.  Rebecca Bloomwood said in Confessions of a Shopaholic

“When I shop, the world gets better, and the world is better, but then it’s not, and I need to do it again”.

But, hell no, I am not a shopaholic. Nor anything close to that. I love the smell of new leather and the feel of silk scarves, but I also love frugality. I must say that I do not salivate over Gucci handbags, nor do I “speak Prada”, and never would I spend $120 on a green scarf. As alluring as the world of capitalism can be, it is important for all fashion queens to keep a balance in their lives.

Yet, I am not dissuading any of you from the retail world. It’s a wonderful place really, the world of new clothes and accessories. But, beyond the racks, lies your credit card bill which many would shield their eyes from. A pertinent question at this point is how we can engage in retail therapy if everything accumulates into more and more money spent on materialistic lust? I introduce to you, my friends, the fabulous concept of “window shopping”.

For many people, my mother included, the idea is absolutely foreign. She is always in shock whenever I bus to the mall and spend hours there and come home having only spent $2.50 on a Tully’s cappucino. Suspicions are then hurled at me which I shield with my argument that window shopping the most frugal method of shopping that exists and my mother is silenced of course.

Why window shop?

  1. It saves money.
  2. It is inspiring.
  3. You are limitless. You can shop everything. Even Prada and Chanel. People who actually spend money while shopping usually only go to…affordable stores. A window shopper like me can go to Jimmy Choo or Salvatore Ferrragamo with an absolute purpose–we’re shopping…just not with a wallet.

But, isn’t window shopping a waste of time?

  • No, it’s inspiration. A fashionista should always have an idea of the trends and style across all sorts of brands/designers/stores.
  • It’s, in fact, more efficient than you might think. Window shopping exposes you to a grand variety of trends, some you might love and some you might hate. Thus when you go shopping with a wallet, you know what you want already.

This is my personal favorite form of retail therapy.


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