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Sunday night was Hollywood’s big night. Months of preparation just so this night could go perfectly. And it did for many people. But beyond the awards, the Red Carpet scene was an unforgettable picture this year (as it is any other year). Here are a few of the trends I saw on the Red Carpet.


Above are Elizabeth Banks, Vera Farmiga, Diane Kruger, and Demi Moore.

From the huge statement-making ruffles that Vera Farmiga showcased, to the small girly ruffles on Diane Kruger and lax waves of fabric on Demi Moore, everyone loves ruffles! Not surprising considering how classic it is, yet what a romantic and daring touch it can be.


Above are Zoe Saldana (from Avatar) and Charlize Theron.

One of this year’s most popular colors have been purple. Winter 2009 was all about purple handbags and accessories. Well, ta-da! Here we have Zoe Saldana (a new actress who probably looks really familiar to us since she was the leading star of “Avatar”) and Charlize Theron. Zoe Saldana’s variation of the color purple caught my eye immediately. It’s perfect! Charlize Theron’s dress has been harshly critiqued by many fashion bloggers and critics, but I still love the huge of that dress (though the design may need some second thoughts).

Shining Stars in Gold/Yellow:

Above are Sarah Jessica Parker, Sandra Bullock, Miley Cyrus and Cameron Diaz.

Gold is such a classic color. The awards themselves are gold. And they are stars! Why can’t they wear gold? Gold is a color repeatedly seen on the Red Carpet nearly every year. Yet, each year, we are presented with a variation of it. Sarah Jessica Parker’s flowy yellow gown had the elegance, but lacked the shimmer that Cameron Diaz’s gown had.


Above are Maggie Gyllenhaal and Rachel McAdams.

Floral prints are a huge trend this spring! Walk into any clothing store and you may be forced to shield your eyes by the incredible array of floral prints. (Not a personal favorite for me). But looking at Maggie Gyllenhaal and Rachel MacAdams made me have second thoughts. Maggie Gyllenhaal’s gown had the perfect color combination (definitely not clashing) that even brought an exotic beauty to her. Rachel MacAdams managed to incorporate tints of pink and purple with her predominantly grey-blue gown. But it still looked amazing!


Above are Anna Kendrick, Jennifer Lopez, and Queen Latifah.

Again, another huge trend for Spring 2010 are pastel colors! Anna Kendrick’s vintage-looking pastel pink dress is the love of my life. It is so gorgeous. Jennifer Lopez’s soft pink gown is also really elegant. And Queen Latifah pulls off another great shade of pastel pink. Pastel pink galore! Vintage or modern, it’s out there for you to wear.


Comments on: "Trends Spotted on the Oscars 2010 Red Carpet" (1)

  1. Anna looks amazing, but JLO looks disgusting, I can’t believe Joan Rivers liked it!

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