A documentation of fashion discoveries, inspiration, and trends.

Je les adore

Pre-final exam week. Unfortunately for me, time to go on huge shopping spree retail therapies is nonexistent. I am thus left to online retail therapy. Although it is much less appealing and satisfying than going crazy in a mall, it suffices in comparison to Simpson’s Rule and Lewis Dot Structures.

Anyways, I thought I should share with you a few products that really caught my eye. Je les adore!

Keynote Necklace: Why? I am in need of another necfklace. The only necklace I wear right now is a marbe with small light green beads, supposedly a lucky charm from Taiwan that ensures good grades. Skepticism overcomes my superstition of course, but it still looks pretty nice as a fashion accessory so I wear it anyways. P.S. CHECK OUT MODCLOTH’S NEW ALICE IN WONDERLAND INSPIRED SECTION.

Flapper Style: I recently started re-reading The Great Gatsby…again. Anyways,  Daisy Buchanan and Jordan Baker are simply so inspirational when it comes to style and attitude. I know I should not be drawing inspiration from Daisy, who lacks mental strength, and with Jordan, who has very little character plot. Anyways, I was thrilled when I found this top on La Garconne. The tassels totally remind me of something flappers could pull off.

A Heartbeat Bag: Perhaps my newest favorite designer is Rebecca Minkoff. She combines casual chic with edgy to make a combination of awesome handbags. I am lacking a beautiful handbag at this moment. I only have my mother’s “The Sak” purse from the 90s, a cheap floral tote from Macy’s, a Kipling messenger bag, and a turquoise school bag. I don’t have a real “chic”handbag at this moment. Obviously, I fell in love with Rebecca Minkoff’s heartbeat bag.

Other handbags I fell in love with:

Chambray Ruffle Skirt: Only two words are needed-Trendy and Chambray!

A bientot, mes fashionistas!


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