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As I am sure you are all aware, Monday night was the Gossip Girl Season 4 kick-off. Holy cow. I even remember watching Season 1! Has time gone by this fast? Needless to say, it all started typical Gossip Girl way, with drugs, love, and a ball. And, of course, I saw some noteworthy fashion during this particular episode.

Jenny’s Ball Gown: Jenny Humphrey is undoubtedly the character that changed the most from Season 1 to now. Personally, I liked her better when she was young and innocent. Now she’s helping a drug-dealer and dresses like a girl way past her youth (in reality, she’s only 16! Hard to believe with how she acts). Anyways, the gown she wore at the soiree was really lovely and sleek. Take a look:

Sheer black fabric covering her shoulders and a full-length sequin-covered dress! impressive. Most impressive? How sleek in black she looks.

Outfit inspiration: Internship/Cocktail Party

Serena’s Model-off-duty look: Her military jacket, long sweater, plaid tights, and over-the-knee boots make Serena more model-esque than ever. Take a look:

Outfit Inspiration: model-off-duty


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