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Lady Gaga has an indescribable effect on our world. As soon as she releases a new video, Facebook statuses instantly change to compliment her studded bras. Her video jumps to the top of the iTunes music video chart and the “videos being watched now” section of Youtube is flooded with her face. And, of course, your dear fashion blogger here immediately starts working on a Lady Gaga fashion post. For those of you who have not yet let the Lady Gaga video infiltrate your minds, here it is:

Yet, before I do a hardcore Gaga post, let’s take a look at Beyonce in this video. She also looks quite lovely.

Jewels, brights, gold-tassel shoulder pads. All in this outfit! It seems like a new take on traditional “royalty” clothing.

How can you bring this look into your wardrobe?

  • A traditional blazer with jewels/tassels.
  • Bright colored clothing
  • Bright colored accessories
  • remember…”clashing is dashing”

My interpretation:

And, now…LADY GAGA

Every single one of her outfits in the morning takes it to the “Next level”. In other words, she takes simple trends and styles that we are likely to dabble in and pushes it to the limit. To start off, let’s look at her opening outfit:

Lady Gaga takes shoulder pads (recently seen on many fashion runways) and exaggerates them beyond imagination. She takes cat-eyed sunglasses and exaggerates them just as much. Gothic makeup covers her face.

How can you bring this look into your wardrobe?

  • Blacks and whites only
  • The sunglasses
  • Dark red lipstick
  • Broad shoulders

My interpretation:


Stud Muffin!

Rather than our casual takes on studs with a few studs on our boots, or on the shoulders of our sweaters, Lady Gaga wears a stud-COVERED jacket. Enough said. Studs are totally in. Some items that really embody this stud muffin look:

All-American Girl

Her yellow hair and American-flag outfit scream “All-American girl” to us. While this trend is definitely not our thing anymore, it’s interesting to speculate on how we can inforporate this into our wardrobe:

  • Red, White, and Blue
  • Stars
  • Bandeaus?

My Interpretation:

Big Accessories:

In my other Lady Gaga posts, we saw that Lady Gaga definitely has a thing for big accessories. But, seemingly big and excessive accessories just don’t do the trick for her anymore, I guess. She has now turned to chains and blindfolds covered with burning cigarettes for help. A few items that imitate her look:

Well…that was inspiring, to say the least.

Have a gorgeous day, fashionistas!


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  1. Hi there!

    I’m hosting a discussion of “Telephone” on my blog, and I would love for you to join our discussion and add your thoughts/observations!



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  3. Thanks for this me and my friend are performing telephone at school and we need a lot of help living up to lady gaga and beyonce’s clothes.

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  5. beyonce you stink and lady gaga rocks

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