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Iam sure you have all laid your eyes/ears upon Lily Allen’s music at one point in your life and either turned away in disgust, giggled, or fell in love. I fell in love with Lily Allen’s voice the first time I heard her song “Alfie” and the music video make me laugh too. Anyways, I have heard that Lily Allen started her own fashion line once, but it clearly didn’t make much of a boom so that has disappeared from the fashion world. But, regardless, our deer-eyed, adorable British singer still serves as a source of inspiration for me fashion-wise.


This video really reminds me of Lady Gaga’s “Eh eh” music video, with the baby blue walls and colorful clothes Lily Allen wears. Her outfit is also quite vintage in this music video.

Elements of Lily Allen’s look:

  • Floral dress
  • Bright colors
  • Clean/shiny skin


Lily Allen’s “Smile” is obviously about taking revenge on a guy…and she does it very cruelly too. But her style in this video is very girly and sweet, from her pink dress to her green sweater/white dress combination.

How do get Lily Allen’s look:

  • Messy ponytail
  • Long, dangly jewelry
  • Long dresses

My interpretation:

Here’s a messy-ponytail tutorial:

Here’s a tutorial on Lily Allen’s makeup in “Smile”:


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