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Where does one start with Naomi? From her exquisite sense of style, to her extraordinary body shape and her hair, to her bossy and confident attitude! She is, undoubtedly, my favorite character on 90210. Yes, I know she’s bitchy and totally uncharismatic something, but I love characters who are just bursting with confidence and style. And the same goes with people. It doesn’t matter how they dress or talk, so long as they have confidence in what they do. I love unique people who love themselves. So, in celebration of all the free time I am bestowed with during spring break, here is my Naomi post.

California Beach Beauty:

Whether it’s chilling on a yacht, or just strolling with friends, Naomi conveys the very image of a Californian beach beauty, not to mention when she’s actually on the beach. Yet, I know, for many unfortunate souls (myself included) we simply don’t have the luxury of California beaches at our fingertips. However, believe it or not, the California girl wardrobe can still make a kick in your own outfits. Here’s how.

Interpretation 1: Oh the weather outside is frightful, but your inner fire is so delightful

Interpretation 2: Peek-A-Sunshine!

Interpretation 3: Ready to Rock the Beach

Yet, we all know that our homie girl Naomi doesn’t just strut her stuff in Californian apparel. She also has her evening looks and sleeker outfits.

Naomi’s non-beach style is totally classy and sleek! Look at her vintage outfit in the first outfit, her classic red sweater, and her show-stealing prom dress (she and Liam are definitely an item now! for those of you who haven’t watched the latest episode). You can pull off this sleek style anywhere you go. Here are my two interperations.

Interpretation 1: Sleek to School

Interpretation 2: Sly as the Evening Sky

Hope this is inspiring!


Comments on: "How to Dress Like Naomi from “90210”" (1)

  1. i love her fashion. i have tons of cloths but don’t know how to put them in agood fashion so people couldn’t laugh atme. i suck at combine cloths.

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