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3-D glasses, a bright array of colors, classic Disney tale retold, Johnny Depp, need I say more? Tim Burton’s newest “Alice in Wonderland” has enthralled people all over the world. Well done, Tim Burton! And, of course, as the mad fashion blogger I am, watching the movie instantly got me thinking: how can I dress like the characters? Below, I will present you with some of my own personal inspiration drawn from the movie, outfits that, we fashionistas, can enjoy without looking like we stepped out of Wonderland.


Everything about Alice is sort of the “defying-Victorian-norms” concept. Her going into business, not wearing stockings/corsets. To create Alice’s look in our own wardrobes, bringing un-girly items in will totally do the trick.

My interpretation:

Mad Hatter:

Johnny Depp’s portrayal of the Mad Hatter left me in awe, once again. His outfit is really very eclectic and impressive. Here’s a tutorial on his hair/makeup look, just for fun:

My interpretation:

The Red Queen:

Her heart-shaped lips, the wardrobe of all her courtiers, red, gold and black. Impressive and amusing. Here’s a make-up tutorial for the Red Queen.

My interpretation:

The White Queen:

The White Queen is the symbol of all good in the world. Her pure white outfit, her dainty arm motions, her adoring smile. Beautiful. Here’s a makeup tutorial:

My interpretation:


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