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I know that as you’re reading this, you will probably smack your hand on your forehead and sigh in exasperation, “Not another chick flick, Natalie!” But, yes, I just watched another old chick flick and, needless to say, was fashionistically inspired. The story is based upon a “Cinderella Story”, but it is so much quirkier and more fun than any “Cinderella Story” movies I’ve ever watched. Not to mention the oversized hair and fun style that Toby (Jami Gertz) embraces. The movie winds about Toby, an lower-middle-class single lady whose love life is clearly not going at the pace she wants, who meets an upper class man named Sal at a Mercedes dealership. She ends up pursuing Sal and gets in a “fender bender” with him and the movie progresses from there.

Outfit 1-Inspired by Toby’s Pink Top and Polka Dot Skirt

Outfit 2: Inspired by Toby’s Oversized Tees

Outfit 3: Downtown+Uptown=new outfit? You can’t just do a blog post about a Cinderella Story and not mix up the downtown and uptown elements. Toby and Sal…hmmm.

Hope this is inspiring! As for me..time to grab some breakfast.


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