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Recently, a friend L– told me that I should do a blog post about clothing in “The Graduate”. With the seductive and manipulative Mrs. Robinson and her preppy, Berkeley daughter, how could I resist?

In sort, this film tells the story of a recent, award-winning, track-running, college graduate Benjamin, who is seduced by Mrs. Robinson (a married woman of course). Things take a wrong turn when Benjamin meets and falls for Mrs. Robinson’s daughter Elaine.

Let’s start with…well….none other than Mrs. Robinson

Mrs. Robinson has become iconic as a seductress. How do I know this? Well, when you’re parodied, it means that you are so well-known for something that people actually find it funny. How many “Graduate” parodies of famous Mrs. Robinson lines/moves have I seen? Quite a few.

Her style is very classy though (didn’t all seductresses look like classy, slick people?). Fur coats, black dresses, and very typical 1950s/60s. It is very important to remember one thing when imitating Mrs. Robinson’s style: bring out your inner appeal. She may be twice Benjamin’s age, but she still has something about her that is so darn attractive.

Outfit 1:

Outfit 2-Party Perfect

ELAINE! I mean…Elaine Robinson:

Elaine is an icon of innocence in this film. Her plain Berkeley girl style along with her doe-eyes makes her a significant contrast from her mother. That is also quite evident in their clothes. We see Elaine wearing white, from her first date outfit to her wedding dress, whereas her mother is seen clad in black and sly as a vixen. Here are a few of my interpretations of their clothes:

Outfit 1: Old School-The key about looking like Elaine is to look effortless. Simple pieces that are totally stylish. My interpretation? A basic parka with a vintage tee and some girly white jeans.

Outfit 2: Party Perfect

A bientot!


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