A documentation of fashion discoveries, inspiration, and trends.

It’s not easy being a fashionista. People expect a lot out of you. If you show up wearing sweats and a t-shirt simply because you were running late, people will stare in awe. Therefore, I am giving all of you fashionistas a big break. No more restraints and rules about what to or what not to wear. It’s time to truly enjoy yourselves. Here’s how to add a fun touch to any outfit.

Preppy+Quirky Tee/Shoes=Schooltime Fun

If your idea of fun is your awesome, quirky tee from that music festival/concert/boutique you went to all those months ago, pull out that tee and mix it with some preppy pieces for a great look!

Bohemian+Retro Accessories=Music Festival Style

If your idea of fun means retro and a rainbow of colors, go for a bohemian maxi dress that is perfectly compatible with any retro accessories you have.

Girly Meets Gothic

If your idea of fun is something a bit more on the naughty and sexy side, go for some Gothic elements in your classic girly wardrobe.

Simpler Ways to Look Fun? Socks and sunglasses.


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