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It’s amazing how much Rihanna has changed since the first time I heard her. She went from small, hip-hop singer to huge pop sensation in, what, 1 year? That’s a huge jump! She’s also become one of those people that you just run into on the radio, oh, about every 5 minutes or so? Her most popular single at this moment is a new song called “Rude Boy”. Check it out below:

When I first watched this video, it immediately left an impression. All the outfits, makeup, and hair in this video must have taken a great amount of time and stylists. What better way to celebrate a Sunday morning than to blog about Rihanna’s “Rude Boy” style? 😉

Animal Print:

A recurring trend in this video is animal print. Leopard print pants, snake-pattern scarf, and a zebra outfit? This girl is going to the zoo! And so are you if you try out these outfit inspirations:

Outfit 1-Getting Wild Mixing up peacock, zebra, leopard, and elephant has never been more fun.

Outfit 2-Night Prowler

Hardcore Rock:

Perhaps what fashionistas recognize as Rihanna’s domain is her hardcore rock style. She certainly doesn’t lose this style in her music video with that opening scene of caged pumps and metallics.

Outfit 1: Glitz ‘n’ Glam + Rock ‘n’ Roll

Bright Colors (In A Very Tribal Sort of Way): Rihanna is such a trend-inista in this video! Hard metal, animal print, tribal colors. Dang! That girl has definitely been looking at some runways. But, regardless, her incorporation of abstract patterns and brights were definite fashionista eye candy in this video.

A Touch of Tribal:

So…I guess it’s time to go out there and show you wild side isn’t it? Go for it!


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