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(A gallery of some more Kentucky Derby looks can be found here)

Whether it’s Churchill or Santa Anita, derbies have always been a crucial slice of American culture. Cute hats and lovely dresses. Oh…

But for some of us (me, included) derbies simply mean another afternoon nestled in front of my television waiting for the little snippets of celebrities and what they’re wearing while my eyes ooze with envy. Regardless, not being able to attend a derby does not mean that we are not able to bring bits of derby-style clothes in our own wardrobes. Here are my ideas.

Outfit 1-A Little bit of Derby, but Pretty All the Way: A subtle touch of pink, but pretty all the way. This outfit is cute for anything. To get this “little derby touch”, try putting a little pink anywhere into your outfit and top it off with a cute hat or a hat on a headband (like the one below). How much cuter does derby style get?

Outfit 2: Bold in Floral-Possibly one of the most popular trends that we’ve seen today is floral. And, yes, it’s true, you can go to campus wearing floral without looking completely ridiculously. After all, it is spring (and May, for that matter) and there is no better way to celebrate your enthusiasm for this season than with a beautiful floral skirt and a vintage flower hat.

Outfit 3: Sleek in Black-Yes, you can still pull off black at a derby. With style too. And, so, you can still bring Kentucky Derby style into your closet in black. With black, we’re going for less floral and cute, and more elegance and beauty. As we saw with Naomi’s sister Jen in 90210 (picture above), wearing black definitely enhances your figure and adds an elegant touch to a usually exuberant day. How so? Little elegant (but still girly) things such as lace paired with a black blouse, a vintage black hat, and any other variation of black that you would like completes your derby-inspired look.

And, as a finish, enjoy this classic ASCOT scene from My Fair Lady:


Comments on: "Inspired by the Kentucky Derby" (2)

  1. another way to pull off black nicely: http://img.dailymail.co.uk/i/pix/2008/05_01/BloomKerrREX1_468x756.jpg
    miranda kerr 🙂 and orlando bloom

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