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A.K.A…glamping, a term I recently saw in the H&M catalog which is essentially when a glamorous chick like yourself goes camping. Whether it’s to one of those camps for students with a group of friends or legitimate outdoors camping, I will do my best to outline essential outfits for GLAMPING.

Departure: You’re psyched. Everyone’s psyched. You’re hopping into a car/bus for hours. You’re going to wear comfy, but glamorous, clothes. And, of course, clothes that spell out fun! I chose a unique hoodie, a graphic tee, classic white shorts, and classic wayfarers.

Chilling/Exploring: Whether you’ve just jumped off the car, or it’s the last day before you leave. You are bound to just stroll with friends and talk and explore at some point. This calls for something not as hardcore as hiking clothes, but something casual and mobile, like a romper! For chilling/casual exploring, I chose a chambray romper, a soft sweater, a pair of casual shoes, and some sunscreen!

Hiking/Getting Dirty: And no, sorry to break it to you dears, but you can’t possibly go camping without getting dirty. This means that you can’t run around in rompers and Steve Madden shoes all day. Ha ha. No, not really. But, still! Who doesn’t like getting their hair messed up and getting dirty every once in a while? For this outfit, I chose a casual tee, a lightweight fitness jacket, denim shorts, and comfy walking shoes.

Lounging: This is different from chilling. Lounging is staying up with your friends playing cards and goofing off in the dark. This is the pre-bedtime period, where you’re all clean and fresh and just lounging until you feel ready to sleep. That’s why, comfy is key. A casual tunic, yoga leggings, a nice facial cleanser, and slippers.

Campfire: The ultimate camping classic that has had fashionistas tearing hair out for years. A campfire! Hot and cold, outdoors but not dirty, what do I wear? My twopence: a cute tee, a cute hoodie, capris, and some nail polish.


Comments on: "What to Wear to…CAMPING" (2)

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  2. Great ideas for camping. I love the chilling look, the playsuit and shoes are adoreable! I hope to be putting together some of my own camping looks soon.

    Zoe xx
    Life of a Vegetarian Girl

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