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Inspired by Marvel’s Catwoman

Catwoman. The sexy, sleek, curvy Marvel icon. After all, what’s more attractive than a purring lady? Catwoman is for those of you who embrace dark colors more than anything. But don’t forget Catwoman’s feminine touch of lipstick and lady-like features.

Just a Touch of Catwoman: Adding a touch of catwoman is really easy. Just add a piece with a dark shade to any outfit you’re wearing, or even a touch of red lipstick (which happens to be a huge trend right now). The pieces I chose below are just a sample of the things you could wear. An appealing shade of lipstick, a dark top with a feminine touch, and a classic dark skirt (all characteristic of Catwoman).

Sleek as Catwoman: The question here is what makes Catwoman look so sleek? Could it be the dark colors? Or, to put it simply, her skin tight outfits that are not so tight that they restrict movement. What makes her so sleek is her wearing of clothes that fit just right and her lack of unnecessary accessories. With the new wave of “simplicity”, bodycon dresses and leggings are in stores everywhere, so it shouldn’t be hard to attain the sleek and curve-embracing look of Catwoman. Below are two outfits that attempt to imitate the “sleek” look of Catwoman.

Outfit 1-Just Add Tights. What I’m trying to convey in the outfit below is that you aren’t limited to dark colors when you want to look sleek. I, for one, cannot stand wearing dark colors day after day. With a bright yellow tunic sweater and warm brown leggings, you look bright and cheery, yet simply sleek.

Outfit 2- Here I’m incorporating Catwoman’s favorite color and her red lipstick into the outfit. Once again, it’s all about wearing clothes that fits you just right.

Hope this is inspirational!


Inspired by…DC’s Wonder Woman

First off, Wonder Woman.

Wonder Woman

Of course I had to include Wonder Woman! Who can talk about Marvel without touching on the superhero beauty clad in her all-American attire? The elements of Wonder Woman are really quite simple: a touch of gold and American colors+sexy confidence.

Outfit 1-Old School: Pull out your school sweatshirts and wear them! Wonder Woman is supposed to be an icon for American women, and wearing school sweatshirts definitely has that touch of patriotism. Make it look more Wonder Woman and chic with gold accessories. Wear it with jeans or a mini-skirt.

Outfit 2-Wonder Woman gone Vintage: Red, blue, and yellow/gold, has been seen in American women’s wardrobes for as long as I can remember. Why not incorporate those elements by casually wearing your vintage cardigan, a simple pair of shorts, and pair of sexy red heels? For those of you who appreciate vintage clothing as much as I do, an example of Wonder Woman gone vintage.

Outfit 3-Having a ball, Wonder Woman? Although Wonder Woman’s idea of a ball may be knocking out hulky villains by the dozens, her outfit definitely inspires me to write about formal wear. So let’s just make this a “what if” shall we, fashionistas? What if Wonder Woman went to a ball? What would she wear? How about a classic red dress complemented by a classic, gold Coach purse? Or a spotlight-stealing gold dress paired with a blue Chanel purse?


Hope this is inspiring!

Look forward to more Marvel women coming up shortly.

How To Dress Like Wilma Flintstone and Betty Rubble

The Flintstones are probably a bit too old for you to have sharp memories of. My greatest memory of the Flintstones is the Flintstone-shaped vitamin tablets my mom used to give me. But, anyways, Wilma Flintstone and Betty Rubble are a source of great inspiration for vintage-looking, formal wear.

Wilma Flintstone-

Wilma Flintstone is the loving and adoring wife of the Nuclear Age…only in the Caveman Age. Her signature look is a string of pearls and a gorgeous white dress, as well as a pop of pink lips and red hair.

Outfit 1-Sexy in White

Outfit 2-1950s

Betty Rubble-

Betty Rubble. The adorable short black hair and blue ribbon. Another replica of the women of the Nuclear Age

Outfit 1-Chic in Baby Blue

Outfit 2-Modern and Girly Betty Rubble

Hope that inspired you to some extent!

How To Dress Like the…Rugrats

You’re probably gawking at your computer screen right now and murmuring, “The Rugrats? What the hell?!” But yes. I can’t believe I’m doing this either. If you can’t remember the Rugrats, you can still take a look and see what they are. My god. The Rugrats extend back into the very roots of my childhood.

Angelica-The super bossy blonde-pigtail girl. I’m sure this strikes a memory back to the preschool playground for most of you. It does for me at least. Angelica’s signature look are those two high pigtails, her purple dress, orange shirt, and spotted leggings.

Outfit 1-(Just making fun of her) Little Miss Bossy

Outfit 2-Wear to Class

Lil and Phil

The twins from Rugrats! The ever nonsensical and adorable outfits continue with their baby pink with seafoam green.

Outfit 1-Chic/Casual

Outfit 2-Dressy

How to Dress Like Daphne and Velma from “Scooby Doo”

The Mystery Van, Scooby Doo’s dog biscuits that make him fly 10 feet in the air,  and, of course, Daphne, Velma, Fred, and Shaggy.

Daphne and Velma have their signature outfits that anyone would recognize if you wore exact replicas of it. So let’s lavish some creativity on their outfits, that you could wear without looking like a “Party City” advertisement.


Daphne’s signature look consists of her: purple dress, lime-green scarf, pink headband/tights, and her orange sherbert hair. Taking these colors and elements, I will regenerate some day to day outfits.

Outfit 1-Going Out with Pale Pink Scarf+Green Handbag+Purple Bodycon Dress

Outfit 2-Work/Internship

Outfit 3-Wear to Class


Our geeky yet lovable Velma has the signature look of short bobbed hair, square classes, orange sweater, red mini skirt, and orange tights. Something about her and warm colors makes her stand out from what Daphne wears. Below are two outfits inspired by Velma:

Outfit 1-Vintage Velma

Outfit 2-Girly Velma