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Favorite Oscar Gowns of All Time

As a pre-Oscars special, I am going to list my favorite Oscar gowns of all time. Sit back with a nice cup of chai tea and gape.


Marion Cotillard-2008: Jean Paul Gaultier

Keira Knightley-2006: Vera Wang

5. Cate Blanchett-2007: Armani Prive

4. Lucy Liu-2000: Versace

3. Kate Hudson-2004: Versace

2. Emily Blunt-2008: Calvin Klein

1. Freida Pinto-2009: John Galliano

Inspired by…The “Mean Girls”-Cady Heron

My god. Please don’t hate me if I told you I spent the past weekend watching horribly cliched chick flicks. I was just finding a way to pass time…of course. No I had plenty of other things to do like work out and lose the two pounds that I gained in these past two months, but I decided to watch chick flicks. What a girl. Anyways, time to make some use of my chick flick watching. WRITE A POST ABOUT MEAN GIRLS! This is gonna be…entertaining to say the least.

One of my favorite clips from that movie:

Now, let’s get started shall we? Regina and Cady have such a diverse sense of style, whereas Gretchen/Karen are more similar. Then we shall start by analyzing one of the girls (don’t want to make a blog post too cluttered). CADY HERON!

Cady Heron:

Outfit 1-Totally ungirly: Cady starts off in this movie having just moved from homeschooling in Africa. Her outfits at the beginning of the movie are clearly representative of this fact. It’s all about the “I don’t really care how I look” look….how ironic.

Outfit 2-Cute, yet Sassy, mini-skirt. We see Cady’s transformation into a “Plastic” very evidently through her outfits. She transforms from cool, throwing-on-whatever gal, into cute and sassy mini-skirts. I know, I know….you are probably thinking to yourself…”mini-skirts are so nineties and noughties. This is the new decade, I ain’t wearing that anymore”. But mini-skirts are also so classic and never fail to make you look gorgeous. Give it a shot. You’ll be impressed by the results.

Cute Mini-skirts I found online:

Wear any of the above with a red/pink top and sassy boots to recreate the Cady look:

Outfit 3-Cady holds a party! Okay, so she does end up looking like a true wannabe about 3/4 of the way through the movie. But, needless to say, her tight-fitting dress at her party is truly representative of noughtie fashion.

Outfits Inspired by Molly Ringwald in “Pretty in Pink”

Molly Ringwald, who the new generation probably knows by her role as a mom in “The Secret Life of the American Teenager”, was an absolutely perfect and gorgeous actress back in the eighties. (Yet another reason I wish that I were born back in the 1980s). Famous for “The Breakfast Club”, “Sixteen Candles,” “Pretty in Pink”, and a variety of other things.

I know that I’ll most likely doing more than one post about Molly Ringwald since her outfits in all of these different roles have been diverse beyond imagination. “Pretty in Pink” is an excellent starting point that showcases some old-fashioned and hardcore eighties looks. Here’s the trailer:

Mixing Florals into an Outfit the Old-fashioned way:

Molly Ringwald loves mixing florals into her outfit! Just look at her in this above photo. A lovely floral blouse, a nice floral kerchief, and a hat with a floral scarf tied around. Remember that fashion rule to not wear floral in more than one main piece on your outfit? She’s breaking it! That’s what makes the eighties even more lovable. How nostalgic I must sound right now. A raving college girl moaning about her fate to be chained to the 21st century. Below are two ideas on how to incorporate the “over-floralization” of an outfit that Molly Ringwald has above.

Outfit 1-Molly Ringwald Imitation

Outfit 2-Modern Flower Child

“Pretty in Pink” Prom Dress

And, of course, Molly Ringwald’s “finale dress”, her gorgeously cut pink dress with white polka-dots. How gorgeous she looked, standing in the hallway outside of the dance. And when she ran out after Blane in the end. Sigh…just pulls on my heartstrings.

Outfit 1-Molly Ringwald Imitation


Outfit 2-Pretty in Pink Indeed

Bon nuit, fashionistas!

Inspired by Julia Roberts in “Erin Brockovich”

Just today, in that awful gap between my 1:30 French class and my 6:30 night lab, I spent my time in my little Environmental Health Class watching a film: Erin Brockovich. Julia Roberts has never ceased to wax her magic upon me like a spell. Who can forget her gorgeous smile in “Notting Hill” or her sassy personality in “Pretty Woman”? No one.  And in Erin Brockovich she certainly brings us the best of Julia Roberts yet again.

Plot Summary on Wikipedia

Before delving deep into Erin Brockovich’s wardrobe in this movie, I am going to make a statement. As much as I love incorporating other people’s wardrobes into my own, bodices and very deep v-necks probably would be deemed unsuitable by any onlooker for a college campus (unless the impression that you will give people is truly what you are aiming for). Nevertheless, I will give an impartial analysis of Erin Brockovich’s wardrobe with a few side comments on my own and do my best to think about perhaps “conservative”-izing her wardrobe by a few notches.

Shall we began?

One key quote to understanding Erin Brockovich’s clothing style and attitude behind that clothes:

Ed Masry: In a law firm you may want to re-think your wardrobe a little.
Erin Brockovich: Well Ed, I think I look nice. And as long as I have one ass instead of two I’ll wear what I like if that’s all right with you? You might want to re-think those ties.

Motorcycle Vests:

Well I guess Julia Roberts has her own take on motorcycle vests now doesn’t she? Exposing and alluring vests are seen in this movie. Remember back in Fall 2009 when “leather” was the thing to have? Well I guess it kind of still is. Remember leather never goes out of style…just like denim. Notice how Julia Roberts does not wear the typical brown or black leather…but instead…red and white leather! Interesting isn’t it?

Outfit 1-Stand out in the Crowd. What better way to make a statement than with your own take on “leather” and “bomber”. Leather vests, jackets, shoes, or even skirts can give you a similar look to Erin Brockovich’s.


Country-Style Bodices:

From the cover of the movie to her picnic scene, Julia Roberts embraces bodices in this movie. True, maybe lace-ups are, like wearing motorcycle vests with nothing under, over-exposing. Yes, maybe it is. But bodices have interesting historic elements tied into them as well as a certain degree of charm. How can we incorporate this into our wardrobes? Here’s some inspiration.

Outfit 1-Sneaking it under your blazer?


Hope this is slightly inspirational! I’m just trying to get through my second midterms week. Things really aren’t that beautiful.

How to Dress Like Cyndi Lauper in “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun”

Of the many stars who defined the 1980s, Cyndi Lauper definitely holds her place up there with her eclectic fashion, her orange hair, her daring music, and her voice. Today, for no reason at all, I used up an hour of time which should have been devoted to integrals on reviving my passion for the 1980s. When I came across Cyndi Lauper’s “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” and watched it again (it wouldn’t be a far-reaching statement to say for the 50th time), I instantly thought of fashion. Oh deary me.

Anyways, here’s the video to refresh your memory.

Outfit 1-Cyndi’s Opening Outfit: Pink+a touch of fur+excessive jewelry+blazing red lipstick=CYNDI LAUPER. Feel free to add on your own fedora. Trendy Elements: Big jewelry, dark lipstick, faux fur, glitter. Nearly everything that Cyndi Lauper is wearing in the opening scene is back in style!

My interpretation of her outfit:

Outfit 2-Pajammies!

Just thought I’d do a brief interpretation of Cyndi Lauper’s animal print pajamas with her touch of red.

Outfit 3-LRD (Little Red Dress): Possibly Cyndi Lauper’s most famous outfit is her outrageous red dress paired with her bracelet and necklace. For those of you planning to hit the dance floor anytime soon, think of Cyndi Lauper as a way for you to stand out in the crowd.

My Interpretation:

Cyndi Lauper’s Accessories:

Cyndi Lauper’s sunglasses, her earrings, and her chain bracelet are so…..unusual! It’s really hard to find any replicas of such items. Seen below are Alexander Wang cat-eyed sunglasses, souvenir earrings, and a David Yurman bracelet.

Good night fashionistas!

Lady Gaga Week Finale

As sad as I am to bid farewell to Lady Gaga, it has to be done. I’m sure I’ll blog about Lady Gaga again every now and then, but I suppose it’s time to feature someone/something new. In recognition of this, here are some finalizing thoughts on Lady Gaga:

Lady Gaga’s Hair Bow:

Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance” Makeup:

Lady Gaga’s “Just Dance” Makeup:

Lady Gaga’s “Paparazzi” Makeup:

Lady Gaga’s “Paparazzi” Piano Tutorial:

How to Dress Like Lady Gaga in “Paparazzi”

“Paparazzi” is another one of Lady Gaga’s most popular videos. There are recurring elements of class and wealth throughout the video. From Lady Gaga’s face printed on dollar bills to dancing in palace-like settings. It seems clear what Lady Gaga is going for in this video.

Below is the video and a collage of some key images in the video:

Elements of Lady Gaga’s outfits:

Shiny Leather-like-

Lady Gaga’s shiny leather or perhaps, plastic outfit does not complement the regal sofa on which she lies, but “clashing is dashing”. Below is an outfit inspired by the shiny leather look and the pastel, royal print of the couch:

Mickey Mouse?:

One of Lady Gaga’s most impressive outfits in this video is in her final outfit…when she is wearing a yellow body suit covered with..Mickey Mouses? Her Mickey Mouse glasses and impressive shoulder pads are also very inspiring. Personally, I laughed when I saw her like this. I love it!

Outfit 1: Inspired by the Mickey Mouse, the yellow/black color combination, the glasses, and her edgy cuff

Outfit 2: Inspired by the yellow/black color combination, shoulder pads, and peace sign tattoo

Curve-Embracing Bodysuit:

As Lady Gaga falls, she is seen in a curve-embracing bodysuit with gentle pleats. A bodysuit probably won’t be that great of an idea so let me suggest a curve-embracing, white pleated dress instead?


As a perfect complement to the royal palaces and mansions she dances in, Lady Gaga is seen in one scene clad in a one shoulder frill (and a flowy skirt that encircles half her waist). Inspired by the frills-

Outift 1: Solid top with frills of an opposite color

A Frilly Frock does the trick:


Another element also seen in “Bad Romance” is metal. Her metal dress and metal bodysuit are quite impressive. Below are a few items (not an outfit), inspired by Lady Gaga’s love of metal:

Hope this is inspirational!